Altamonte Springs Junk Removal

Our family-owned and operated business has proven its commitment to this community as evidenced by our 12 years of experience and service with Altamonte Springs junk removal. Junk Angel professionals are proud to call Central Florida their home, earning the trust of the people who live here by providing quality work at the best possible prices. We pride ourselves in our ability to efficiently clean out, remove, and haul away nearly any type of junk found in your home or business.

Our licensed and insured experts will gladly service you in removing the following types of junk:

  • Yard Waste
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Computers
  • Wood, Fencing, Decks
  • And more

Our process has been refined over the years for maximum simplicity and success, at a price 20% lower than any of our competitors. We begin by taking our dump trucks to your location and, at your discretion, remove any and all junk you may have on hand. What we ask of you is to simply point out what you do not want, and we’ll carefully move these items or materials onto our trucks. We take care of safely dumping them at official dumpsites, or taking them to your preferred donation center at no additional cost to you.

Let us help you with your junk removal needs so you don’t have to make the effort by yourself. Many of our customers prefer to call us for their Altamonte Springs junk removal because they don’t want to put their health at risk in case of improper hauling or lifting of junk found in their homes or businesses, understandably so. Our professionals are equipped with state of the art gear, protection, and training that ensures their safety and that of your belongings. They carefully remove only the junk, leaving the rest of your space undamaged and free of blemishes often created by companies less experienced than us.

If you need Altamonte Springs junk removal do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Junk Angel at 1-888-80ANGEL to get a free estimate.