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This Old Table

clay-banks-417989-unsplashHowdy! My name is Oakley Matthew David Bishop. I know… kinda a long name for a coffee table. It was my family that named me — specifically their youngest child, who was three at the time. He named everything, and I got my name as soon as my family brought me home.

I caught their eye in the store with my polished oak top and large rectangular surface. It’s the perfect size for both board games and card games. Since I’m short, they decided I was the perfect fit. The five of them could comfortably sit around me, either on the couch or the floor. The kids especially enjoyed gathering around me and watching TV while having pizza night with their parents. The tradition continued even as we moved three different times to three different states. I saw a lot of games, homework, and countless Lego kits. My polished surface even earned a few crayon stains and scratches from the fun.

After a few years, my owners decided I was looking a little too scuffed to be the centerpiece of the living room, so I grabbed a few years of peace and quiet in storage. My family still loved me and knew I’d be useful again, so they kept me covered and protected.

When the oldest boy went to college, I went with him. I became the king of footrests, saw countless late study nights, and even watched as my owner fell in love. Eventually, he decided to move into her apartment, and I went back to my family’s house to wait for the next family member to need me.

When the youngest finally moved out of his parent’s home and into his own apartment, I was happy to go with him. I loved being useful again, but we both knew that the coffee rings and scratches made me less appealing than I used to be. He decided to sand away the damage and gave me a coat of sharp black paint — I was modern, sleek, and ready to get back to work. When people came over, they all asked where they could get a table like me. He’d tell them that he had no idea. He’d grown up with me.

As the years passed, my owner started to come home from work later and later. My hardwood surface just wasn’t comfortable enough for propping his feet up after long hours at work. I felt bad and wanted him to find a replacement. When he brought home a large ottoman, I was ecstatic. The truth is, I was tired and my joints were starting to creak after 28 years of use. When he called the Orlando junk removal team to take me to the junkyard, I was happy. Now, I get to rest, enjoy the sun, and know that my family is being taken care of.

If you have old furniture ready to be retired, contact Junk Angel and schedule a pick-up today.

Sorting Like with Like

edu-grande-81410-unsplashOrganizing your home is an ongoing process. Even when you feel like you’ve already decluttered, there’s always more to take care of. Before you schedule an appointment with your Orlando trash removal service, it’s important to go through your items and decide what to keep and what’s ready to head to the dump. Having a good sorting process in place will make identifying those items easier, and sorting like with like is one of the easiest methods. Here’s what you need to do:

Start In Stages

Before you can sort like items for long-term storage and display, you need to separate out the items you no longer wish to keep. Go through each room on its own, separating items that you want to keep from the ones you want to get rid of. Bag or box up the items that need to be hauled away and remove them from the room.

Group Like Items Together

This is where you can get a little creative. Sort items by type, purpose, or the area where you want to display them. The easiest way to go is to sort items by type. For example, group books and magazines together in a pile, and create a separate one for DVDs, CDs, vinyl. However, since no two people are the same, it may be better for you to group items by their intended storage spot. Group items you want to move to the bookshelf together, and separate out items that need to be stored in the closet.

Find Designated Storage Spots

No matter what like-with-like method you choose, take the time to give each item it’s own designated storage spot. This makes it easier to find items when you need them. Items that don’t fit with your storage solutions should be reevaluated. If you need to keep them, you may need to purchase additional storage bins, shelves, or racks to help you keep track of them. As a general rule, put the items that are most important to you in a more visible location, and move items that you use infrequently to a tucked away spot. This way, you won’t have trouble accessing the items you use most.

Once you’re done sorting, schedule a pickup with the Orlando trash removal pros at Junk Angel. We’ll handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on enjoying your newly organized space. Call 1-888-80-ANGEL for a free estimate.

How to Clean: The Laundry Room

pexels-photo-1321725No matter how frequently you clean your house, there will always be rooms that just get dirty. However, even the less-used rooms can benefit from the occasional deep clean. For most homeowners, the laundry room not only falls by the wayside in their regular cleaning routine — it also can be tough to clean in the first place. This often results in premature breakage for their laundry appliances. Before you schedule an appointment for appliance removal in Orlando to get rid of a broken washer, follow these simple tips to make a difficult-to-clean room easy.   

Clean the Machine

When a washing machine is dirty, it leaves your clothes looking dingy while increasing the likelihood of unexpected repairs. Stay on top of maintenance by cleaning the machine. Run a regular cycle without clothing. Make sure the water temperature is set to hot and use about two cups of white vinegar in place of detergent. The vinegar will break down any soap scum and keep your pipes and drains flowing properly. Then, wipe the outside of the machine with a microfiber cloth to pick up any lint or dust and prevent scratching or damage to the paint.

Vacuum Behind the Machine

Dust has a way of collecting behind both the washer and dryer. Since it’s not readily visible, it can be easy to forget about, so get in the habit of vacuuming behind the washer and dryer at least once a week. This helps keep dust from clogging the machine, reducing the risk of premature breakage or fires.

Check the Lint Trap

Lint is a common byproduct of drying your clothes, and the lint trap in the dryer catches the majority of it. Over time, lint can build up in the trap and eventually end up in the hoses. Too much lint will clog the hoses, causing the dryer to overheat and potentially spark the lint itself. Dryer fires are dangerous! By cleaning out the lint trap after every load, you can reduce the chance of an unexpected blaze. Once this is done, take a damp cloth to the inside of the dryer, and scrub away any lint residue from the drum. This will leave your clothes looking better and fresher.

Wipe the Surfaces Down

If you have countertops, take a few moments to wipe the surfaces down with an all-purpose cleaner to get rid of residues and dust. Mop and vacuum the floor thoroughly each week. Dust any shelves and cabinets around the machines to ensure that your clothes stay clean while you fold them.

If your washer and dryer are broken, contact us to schedule a pickup for appliance removal in Orlando. We’ll haul away the broken machines so you don’t have to!

Hazardous Waste and the Environment

background-board-card-825262Believe it or not, your home is full of products containing hazardous materials. Though they may not be hazardous to your health, they can be damaging to the environment when not properly disposed of. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to properly dispose of potentially hazardous chemicals, waste, and materials every day. Though your Orlando junk removal team will take pains to properly dispose of or recycle your unwanted junk, it’s best if you understand how to do so on your own.

What Counts as Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste can be anything from chemicals and heavy metals to cooking oil — it all depends on the way in which the material impacts the environment! Remember, something as simple as used canola oil can cause issues in the water supply, while caustic chemicals, like drain cleaners, can do long-term damage to the ecosystem.

In addition to chemical waste, electronic waste is also considered hazardous. When not properly disposed of, most electronic waste can pollute the environment, leaching heavy metals and chemicals into the soil, water, and air. Anything that has a motor or a circuit board is considered hazardous waste and should always be disposed of by a professional.

What You Should Do

The easiest way to handle potentially hazardous waste is to take the items to the junkyard or your local recycling center. Many facilities have the tools and equipment needed to process the hazardous waste safely, or know where to dispose of the items without increasing any impact on the environment. Though it might be tempting to simply dump waste into your residential trash and let the garbage company take care of hauling it away, don’t. Instead, let your Orlando junk removal team haul away potentially hazardous trash.

Some Simple Tips to Protect the Environment

Though hazardous waste can be found almost everywhere, there are a few things you can do to reduce your impact. Stop using harsh and abrasive chemicals to clean your house, and keep electronic waste inside until it can be properly disposed of to prevent premature breakdown and leaching.

At Junk Angel, we pride ourselves on properly disposing of potentially hazardous waste, whether it’s an old computer or your old refrigerator. No matter what type of junk you have, we’re equipped to handle it. Fill out a service request form online or call 1-888-80ANGEL, the Orlando junk removal experts, for a free estimate today.

Change Your Habit, Not Your Habitat

kirill-zakharov-630681-unsplashJunk has a way of piling up in the house. Even when you try organizing and decluttering a space day after day, staying on top of clutter can seem almost impossible. With a little help from your Orlando junk removal team, you’ll be able to get rid of bulky clutter. But it takes more than purging your home to keep clutter from coming back. Instead of dramatically changing your habitat, change your habits. Here are a few easy things you can do to keep the clutter at bay.

Put Things Back In the Same Place

Clutter builds up quickly, but the easiest way to keep clutter from collecting is to put items back where you found them. Create a designated spot for the most commonly used items in your house. When you use them or simply see those items lying around, put them back in the designated spot. Over time, you’ll get in the habit of putting items back where you found them, making it easier to find them while also reducing the amount of clutter around the house.

Get Rid of Junk Frequently

Junk removal is more of an ongoing process rather than a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence. Any time you see the garage start to overflow with junk or notice that your closet is starting to get a bit too full, go through your stuff. Items that you haven’t used in years or no longer need should be gotten rid of. The same holds true for items that are broken or in a state of disrepair — if you’re not going to fix them, throw them away. For best results, go through your stuff every six months.

Get Smart About Shopping

Buying items because they’re on sale or you think it’s a great deal can lead to a buildup of clutter in your home. When browsing items in the store, consider whether or not you really need the product. If you know you’ll use it frequently or are confident your family can go through a large package of a particular food or beverage, then buying it won’t contribute to clutter in the long run. However, if you’re not sure that the item will get used or already have similar items at home, put it back on the shelf and walk away.

Keeping your home clutter-free is always easier said than done, but by changing your habit, not your habitat, you’ll find it easier to stay organized. Once you’ve gone through your clutter, our Orlando junk removal team can help haul any unwanted items away. Schedule a pickup online or call 1-888-80ANGEL for a free estimate.

4 Things Not to Do When Decluttering

ben-neale-245470-unsplashDecluttering is an ongoing process. As soon as you think you have one room cleared and cleaned, another needs attention. While you can hire someone to haul junk away in Orlando, there are still some things that can make decluttering feel more difficult than it should be. In fact, some mistakes can leave your home more cluttered than it was when you began. Here are a few things you should avoid when decluttering your house.

Avoid Buying Storage Before Getting Rid of Items

Storage solutions help maximize space in your house, so it’s only natural that you’d be tempted to stock up on storage bins, shelves, and cubbies. However, doing so can leave your home feeling far more cluttered than it was before you ran to the store. Instead, clean out your items first. If you haven’t used something in over a year or the item is broken, consider getting rid of it rather than finding a new way to store it inside your house. Once you’ve gone through everything, you can pick up some storage containers to organize what you have left.

Don’t Tackle the Whole House at Once

The key to successful decluttering is to take it one step at a time. Focus on a single drawer, closet, under-bed storage, or room — whatever you’re most comfortable with. This will allow you to completely clear out one area before moving on to the next, reducing feelings of stress commonly associated with junk removal.

Quit Decluttering Halfway

We know — decluttering is stressful. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on a room when it’s halfway finished. Take the time to completely declutter one area at a time. If you start to feel overwhelmed, take a break, but come back to that room before starting the next one. Remember, the room doesn’t have to be spotless for it to be good enough, it just has to meet your expectations (not your mom’s).

Stop Rewarding Your Work with Retail Therapy

Shopping is fun, but after decluttering your home, the last thing you want to do is bring more stuff into the house. Instead of rewarding your hard work with a trip to the store, watch a movie, go out to eat, or buy a special treat you rarely indulge in. The best rewards are the ones that won’t take up space in your home.

At Junk Angel, we want to help you haul junk away in Orlando. Our dedicated team believes that a clutter-free home is a happy home, and we’ll help you get your house in great shape. Schedule a pickup online or call 1-888-80ANGEL for a free estimate.

The Psychology of Cleaning

tracey-hocking-727335-unsplashThere’s something relaxing about coming home from a long day at work to a clean, clutter-free space. Instead of being overwhelmed by a messy bedroom and overflowing sink, you’re free to unwind from the day. However, getting your home clutter-free can be tough, even with the help of an experienced Orlando junk removal team. In fact, many people find the thought of decluttering and cleaning more stressful than living a messy space. That doesn’t mean you can’t overcome these psychological challenges and finally enjoy the organization you’ve sought for so long. Here’s how:

Start Slow

When you look at cleaning the house as a project to be done all at once, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed. Instead, break things down room-by-room and closet-by-closet. Pick a shelf or table and focus on removing the clutter and junk from that one space. Once it’s done, you can move onto another area until the room is completely junk free. Breaking the task into bite-size chunks makes it easy to start organizing.

Create Habits

Staying organized requires making good cleaning habits a part of your daily routine. It’s okay to start slow. Commit to making your bed every day, opening the window shades, and putting items back after you’re done using them. This will go a long way towards helping you keep the house clean and organized.

Stay On Top of Dishes

The kitchen is one of the first rooms to become a cluttered mess. After all, we use dishes, make meals, and leave a mess each time we use it. By keeping this one space clean, you can minimize your stress and even improve your health by reducing the risk of mold and bacterial growth on the counters. Get in the habit of doing the dishes every day. If you can, wash them as soon as you’re done using them. If not, commit to washing them before you go to bed. This way, you’ll always have a fresh, clean kitchen the following day.

Getting your house organized takes time, but when you break the process down into small, manageable steps, you’ll be able to organize with confidence. Once you’ve gone through your clutter, contact the Orlando junk removal pros at Junk Angel and schedule a pickup. We’ll get rid of your junk so you can enjoy your newly organized home!

How to Clean: Your Bedroom Closet

rawpixel-760097-unsplashYour closet houses your clothes, shoes, and even the Christmas presents you’re trying to hide from your children. While it gets used daily, it’s easy to let the clutter get out of control. Though you could let it build until only an Orlando junk removal team can help you make sense of the mess again, it’s best to keep the space clean in the first place! Here are a few easy tips to make keeping your bedroom closet clean a breeze.

Start With Items You No Longer Wear

Closets have a way of hiding clothing we haven’t seen in years. Instead of leaving those items hanging in your closet, get rid of them. Go through your closet item-by-item. If you haven’t worn it in the last year or it no longer fits, get rid of it. Items that are in good condition can be donated, while those with holes or significant stains should be tossed.

Sort Like with Like

Once you’ve gotten rid of items you haven’t worn in a while, it’s time to start going through the rest of the closet. Clear out the shelves and hooks, sorting like with like. Keep an eye out for the pieces that no longer fit your style and toss them into a donate or trash pile, then organize the ones that you’ll be saving. Repeat this process with everything from shirts to shoes.

Think Vertical

Closets rely on vertical storage space, but their floorplans are limited. Instead of only utilizing the hanging bars and shelves already installed in the space, create your own vertical storage. Add baskets to any shelves to make organizing loose items like belts and scarves a breeze. Create more storage on your hanging racks by investing in hanging solutions that allow you to stack your hangers. You can always hook hangers around each other to free up space on the bar, or invest in velvet hangers which can save precious hanging space.

Get Rid of Piles

The last thing any homeowner needs is a bunch of piles of clothing in their closet, taking up valuable floor space. Go through each pile and get rid of items you no longer need. The pieces you want to keep should then be organized with the rest of your closet. Invest in an over-the-door shoe rack to keep your shoes off the floor, hang up items like pants and scarves, and consolidate hats, gloves, and other small items in baskets. This will keep even the fullest closet looking clean!

Once you’re ready to get rid of your junk, contact Junk Angel and let our Orlando junk removal pros get rid of the items you no longer need. Cleanliness is only a phone call away!

5 Things to Check When Moving Into a New Home

couple-home-house-1288482Moving into a new house is both stressful and exciting. While moving can seem like a laundry list of things to do, such as packing your life into boxes and finding someone to take care of any junk removal in Orlando, moving can also be full of exciting opportunities! Your new house is a chance to build new memories and take in fresh sights. However, just as your old home needs to be ready for the new tenants, there are a few things you should do to your new house prior to moving in.

Change the Locks

You never know who might have a key to your new home. Instead of putting your belongings at risk for theft, change the locks before you move in. This way, the only people who have the key to your house are the ones you trust.

Clean the Carpets

Carpets see a lot of dirt and grime in their lives. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t clean them as frequently as they should. Before you move in, schedule a professional carpet cleaning appointment or replace the carpet with new flooring. You can always hire an expert to haul away the old pieces.

Transfer Utilities

Before you move in, you’ll need to speak with your utility companies to make sure that the service is transferred from your old house to your new one. These include your electric, water, gas, cable, and internet companies. Notify each one of your move-in date and when the service should be cut off for your old home. This way, you’ll have everything hooked up and ready to go on your move-in date, and you can avoid paying for utilities at your old place.

Sort Through Your Stuff

When you’re moving, it’s tempting to pack up everything in the house and take it with you. Unfortunately, this can add thousands to your moving costs. Instead, take the time to separate the junk from the items you want to keep. Then, work with an expert and let them haul away the items you don’t want to keep.

Replace Your HVAC Filters

The air filters in your furnace and air conditioner catch a lot of debris and dirt. When left to collect on the filters, these contaminants lower your indoor air quality. Installing new filters before you move in will help keep your indoor air quality in good shape no matter the season.

Make moving a breeze with help from the junk removal in Orlando experts. At Junk Angel, we’ll help you clear out your junk and haul it away so you can enjoy your home. Fill out a service request form today.

This Old Lamp

pexels-photo-209681Have you ever wondered what your lamp thinks as you turn it on and off day after day? As a lamp, I can tell you there’s nothing I love more than illuminating a dark room or watching as you flip through your favorite book for the thousandth time. And that’s what I did for the last twenty years as my family’s beloved table lamp. My name is Lennox, but you can call me Lenny.

When my owners brought me home from the store, I was the best table lamp they had ever seen! They decided to put me on the surface of a small side table next to their bed. When the turned the switch for the first time, my smooth fabric shade cast the perfect amount of light. A few months later, when they realized the brightness of my bulb was adjustable, they were even more thrilled with my skills.

The table and I became great friends. We’d nap together during the day and come to life when our owners caught up on their favorite TV shows or settled down with a new book. Night time was always my favorite — it meant I could really be of use!

After a few years, I was moved to the living room, where I got to see a whole new side of my family’s life. They’d turn me on as soon as the sun went down, and leave my bulb burning bright while they played games at the coffee table. A few years later, I was moved to a table in the foyer, where I was responsible for keeping the house lit while my family was gone. When they came home and saw my light shining throughout the room, they knew they were safe.

My family found a way to keep my light shining without costing so much on their electricity bill. I was first fitted with a halogen bulb, but the bright white light was a bit too harsh for my taste. Then they found an LED bulb that kept me cool and comfortable while making my light even brighter in the room. Everyone loved it!

As I got older, my switch started to go, and it became harder for me to turn the light on. My family decided that it was time for me to move to the upstairs hallway, where I could light the way for kids at night. Though I wasn’t part of the hustle and bustle, I was still useful and it made me proud. As my bulbs started to burn out more frequently, the family gave me a helper — a shiny new floor lamp who I’ve now passed the torch to for good. Now, I finally get to rest, having served my family for many years, knowing that someone else will keep their house bright.

If you have old furniture or appliances that you need to get rid of, contact the Orlando junk removal pros at Junk Angel. Call 1-888-80ANGEL to schedule a pickup today.