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How to Clean: Old Photographs

Orlando Junk Removal When you first start clearing out clutter from your closet or attic in preparation for an Orlando junk removal appointment, you’ll likely come across fun mementos and photographs that you haven’t seen in a while. Though many photos may still be in good condition, others may need to be cleaned in order to be fully restored  to its original clarity. Unlike polishing old wooden furniture or wiping away dust from picture frames, cleaning photographs takes a bit of work. Here’s how to successfully clean old pictures without damaging the image.

Gather Your Supplies

To clean physical photographs, you’ll need to get the right gear, most of which you probably won’t have laying around the house. Stop by your local photography supply store or pick up the items online.

You’ll need:

  • Photographic emulsion cleaner
  • Disposable photograph cleaning wipes
  • 100% cotton gloves
  • Soft sponge paint brush
  • Towel to rest the photos on

Make Sure the Paper Can Handle Cleaning

If the photo paper is in relatively good condition, meaning without holes, rips, tears, or other damage, cleaning should be relatively simple. However, if the paper is damaged, you may be better off consulting a professional restoration specialist. Handling photo cleaning on your own when the image is heavily damaged could lead to worse damage if you’re not extremely careful. Professionals will have the knowledge and training to determine if the picture can be cleaned, how best to clean it, and how to mitigate and repair existing damage.

Start Gently

No matter what type of photograph you have in front of you, it’s important to start the cleaning process gently. Put your gloves on to prevent fingerprint smudges, and set the image on the towel. First, see if you can simply brush the dirt away with the sponge brush or a soft cloth. For many photos, this will be the only step you need to take.

Use Your Tools

If the dirt is stuck, reach for the emulsion fluid. Dampen the disposable wipes with the emulsion fluid, and gently move the wipe across the entire photo. If the dirt is still stubborn and the photo has been printed on high-quality photo stock, you can soak the photo for about 30 seconds in room-temperature water. This will loosen the dirt, making it easier to brush off. Once you’re done, let the photos dry completely and store them in a cool and dry place.

For images that can’t be salvaged or any other miscellaneous junk you have, let the Orlando junk removal pros at Junk Angel handle the cleanout for you. We’ll make sure everything is disposed of properly, leaving you with a clean space you can finally use.

Creating a Functional Mudroom

douglas-sheppard-522200-unsplashOrlando sees a lot of rainy, wet weather. All that moisture can wreak havoc on your carpets and flooring as family members track wet shoes throughout the house. Trying to confine messes and mud to a single area in your home can be tough, especially if you don’t have a dedicated mudroom. Luckily, you don’t have to settle for vacuuming up messes day in and day out. Instead, let the Orlando trash removal pros help you reclaim your space and create your own mudroom.

Clear Away Clutter

The entryway of your home is the perfect place for a mudroom. However, if it’s cluttered with piles of shoes, old umbrellas, backpacks and other junk, using it can be almost impossible. Go through the items in the entryway, and evaluate what should be kept and what should be tossed. Remember, all you need to create an effective mudroom is a corner — it doesn’t have to take up the full entryway as long as you have enough space to take off shoes and hang coats to dry.

Make Use of Vertical Storage

Floorspace in an entryway can be at a premium. After all, the last thing you want to do is trip over a bunch of muddy sneakers and rain gear! Create vertical storage solutions by mounting coat hooks on the walls and installing a floating shelf for shoe storage. This will help your family members get in the habit of putting things away properly. You can even designate specific hooks and shoe spots for each person, so they’ll always know where their stuff should go.

Get Creative

If you don’t want to sacrifice space in your entryway but you have a hall closet, consider transforming it into a mudroom. First, get rid of any closet clutter to free up space. To make the mudroom accessible, take the door off the hinges and install bench seating along the back of the closet. Shoes can be kept underneath the bench, and coat hooks on walls can house rain jackets, scarves, umbrellas, and more.

Ready to create the perfect mudroom in your home? Schedule an appointment with the Orlando trash removal experts at Junk Angel and let us help you get your home on track. We can handle everything from trash cleanout to appliance removal so your home will be clutter-free quickly. Fill out an appointment request form online or call 1-888-80ANGEL today.

Can You Donate Your Junk?

beautiful-beauty-blond-761999Cleaning out your home is a great way to get rid of unwanted clutter and junk, but for many people, the thought of watching all their belongings head straight to the junkyard can be difficult. While some items need to be handled by a Winter Park junk removal services provider, others may be able to be donated to an appropriate charity. Before you start creating piles of junk to send to a donation center, you need to make sure the junk can be donated in the first place.

How Used is Your Furniture?

Many charities are happy to take your old and unwanted furniture. However, each piece needs to be in relatively good condition. Before scheduling a donation pickup, take a look at the leather or upholstery. Some fading and scuff marks are to be expected, but the majority of the piece needs to still look nice. There should be no visible tears or rips in the material or noticeable stains on the surface. If your cat has used the leg of the sofa as a scratcher, it’s best to schedule an appointment with your Winter Park junk removal services team.

Mattresses, Bedding, and Old Baby Furniture Are Off-Limits

Due to health concerns, most charities cannot accept donations of mattresses, box springs, or baby furniture. Even if your home is spotless, the charity has no way to verify if there was a bedbug problem on the property or if  the baby furniture is free of dangerous chemicals or safety defects that led to a recall decades ago. Instead, let a junk removal team haul these items away to properly dispose of them.

Canned Food and Beverages Have Their Place

If part of your decluttering process uncovers a stash of canned goods that you no longer want or need, those items can be donated, but they typically cannot go to the same place as your furniture. Most charities are equipped to handle furniture, clothing without holes or stains, and other household items, but they’re not prepared to handle food donations. Instead, offer these items to your local food bank. Just make sure the boxes are unopened and the food is not past its expiration date. Anything expired or items that have been opened should be tossed.

Looking to get rid of unwanted junk? Let the licensed and insured professionals at Junk Angel get rid of your clutter today. Contact us online or call 1-888-80ANGEL to schedule a pickup with your Winter Park junk removal services team.

Feng Shui Your Life

cactus-cactus-plant-contemporary-1005058Getting your space to feel comfortable and inviting requires more than just keeping it clutter-free with the help of an Orlando junk removal company. It involves creating the right interior design and arranging your furnishings in a way that lends itself to comfort and serenity. Nothing helps accomplish this task like feng shui! Luckily, feng shui is easy to implement in any home or apartment and can be done without acquiring more stuff. Here’s how:

Keep the Bedroom Simple

Your bedroom should be a peaceful place where sleep comes easily. However, if it’s full of distractions, turning your mind off at the end of the day can be tough. Simplify the space whenever possible. Keep items like televisions, computers, and tablets out of the room, and reduce the amount of clutter on tables and surfaces. The fewer distractions you have, the easier it will be to get to sleep.

Pay Attention to Flow

Feng shui is all about creating the appropriate flow throughout a space. While flow traditionally refers to the movement of energy in a room, it can also refer to the practicality of the layout itself. In the living room, put the sofa against a solid wall rather than in the middle of the room. Consider hauling away your old coffee table and upgrading to a round or oval table. Round shapes are the perfect way to maximize your available space while reducing the number of bruises and bumped knees your family and guests will sustain while moving around the room. For side tables, rectangles are still a fantastic choice.

Pare Down Your Items

Part of feng shui is surrounding yourself with items that make you happy. When implemented poorly, this can lead to an abundance of clutter, so only surround yourself with decorations, artwork, and belongings you truly love.

Ready to add a bit of feng shui into your life? Let an Orlando junk removal team haul away anything that you no longer want as it will only increase the overall clutter and make the space feel less comfortable. Call 1-888-80ANGEL for a free estimate or fill out our service request form online.

This Old Couch

sofa-1838133_640Hi there! My name is Percy, and I’m the family couch. I’ve been a part of this family since 1971 when my owner first brought me home. I was the finishing touch for his first apartment, and he knew my fashionable, orange and yellow paisley print would impress his girlfriend. I was there the first time they snuggled with a scary movie on. It wasn’t long before date nights turned into a marriage, and we moved from that small apartment to a new house together. I was there for the housewarming party, and having all those people around really made me feel useful and happy.

With the new house came new changes. First came a puppy. The house was always busy, and the puppy would sneak up onto my cushions when no one was around to chase him away. Then came the baby, and I swiftly became the best spot to sit, especially for those long afternoon naps as a family. I had spit up cleaned off my upholstery more than once, and as the puppy and the baby grew, my cushions wore thin. That was when I got a brand new couch cover. I felt like a new me! I proudly wore my yellow and red stripes to keep the room bright and cheery. 

I still had a lot to do when it came to keeping the family comfy. The baby grew up and would climb all over me. When she was a teenager, she’d toss her feet up on my arm and talk on the phone for hours. My owners would still sit on me to relax and watch TV each night, and guests loved leaning back into my comfortable pillows.

The years passed. My owners eventually had grandkids who came to stay, and they climbed all over me — just like their mother did when she was little. I had grape juice spilled on me last week, and it doesn’t seem to be coming out. Though I love my family, I’m just so tired. I can feel the springs in my cushions starting to come loose and even my cover is starting to rip. When someone sits on me, I groan and creak at them so they know just how grumpy I’m feeling.

When the new couch came to stay, it was a relief! I finally had someone to pass my job to. Now I’m enjoying retirement and sitting in the sun, having gone for a wonderful ride to the countryside in an Orlando junk removal truck. I know I did a good job for my family, but I’m so happy I get to go to the junk yard where I can rest.

Do you have an old couch that’s ready to retire? Call 1-888-80ANGEL to schedule a pickup with the Orlando junk removal experts at Junk Angel.

Are You a Hoarder?

abundance-blur-bundle-167538Having a bit of clutter and junk at home doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a hoarder. Take this quiz to see whether you’re a standard packrat or might need help getting rid of that unneeded junk.

How clean do you tend to keep things?

  1. Every room in my house is completely organized.
  2. There are a few piles here and there, and I have several junk drawers.
  3. You don’t want to know! It’s been years since I’ve had people over.

Does clutter keep you from using the rooms in your house?

  1. No. I can use each room for its originally intended purpose without cleaning frantically.
  2. For the most part. There is one closet in my house that I can’t really open.
  3. I park my car in the driveway because my garage is full of boxes, old holiday decorations, and stacks of newspapers.

Do you find it difficult to throw things away?

  1. No. Trash is trash and gets taken out each week.
  2. Only items I have sentimental attachment to. I still have all my high school yearbooks and my collection of Beanie Babies.
  3. I find value in everything I bring into the house. None of it is junk or trash.

How often do you save items you know you won’t use again?

  1. Rarely. Why let stuff I won’t use take up space in my house?
  2. Sometimes. I still have the boxes for my electronics even though I don’t think I’ll move anytime soon.
  3. Often. You never know when a friend might need something, and I can help them out.

When do you make purchases?

  1. When I need to replace something or have saved up for a while.
  2. Sometimes, I go shopping to reward myself, but mostly just when I need to pick up a few things.
  3. I love shopping and pride myself on finding great deals even on mundane things like toilet paper.


Mostly 1s: Congratulations! Your home is clean and free of extra clutter and junk. Can we live with you?

Mostly 2s: You’re a packrat that could probably benefit from junk removal in Orlando, but a bit of clutter and a disorganized closet don’t qualify as hoarding.

Mostly 3s: Collecting and buying items just because you might use them someday might be a sign of a hoarding problem. Reach out for help and try to figure out just what drives your collecting habit. When you’re ready, contact the experts at Junk Angel and let our licensed and insured professionals help you get rid of the unusable items taking up space in your home. Call 1-888-80ANGEL to schedule a free estimate with our dedicated team.

Preparing Your Yard for Hurricanes

kate-tandy-1577-unsplashHurricane season is here, and that means it’s time to start thinking about getting your property ready for the increase in storms. While you probably already have an established process to prepare your home for a hurricane, it’s equally important to pay attention to the state of your yard. Before you call an Orlando trash removal company to haul away your yard debris, follow these simple, important steps:

Prepare Your Trees

For older trees on your property, you’ll want to trim away any damaged, low-hanging, or dead branches before the storm hits. Schedule a tree trimming appointment with an arborist to ensure the trimming doesn’t damage the rest of the tree. For younger saplings, reinforce them by adding support stakes around the trunk. Make sure the stakes go deep into the ground to withstand storm-force winds.

Put Away Lawn Furniture

Even tropical storm-force winds are strong enough to send lawn furniture flying. Instead of leaving it out during the storm, bring it inside. Keep it in your garage or mudroom to make sure it stays sheltered from the storm. Lawn toys, gardening tools, and hanging planters should also be brought inside before the storm hits. If the furniture is too bulky or you’re in a hurry, stack it together in a corner on the exterior of the house. This will reduce the chance of wind picking it up and throwing it into your neighbor’s yard.

Harvest What You Can

Vegetable gardens add value to your home, but severe weather can easily wipe out your entire crop. Before the storm reaches land, try to harvest what you can. This way, you’ll still get to enjoy some of that fresh-grown produce even if a large portion of the garden is lost.

Care for Your Pool

It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s best to leave your pool full of water. Most pools have built-in overflow protection and can handle heavy rainfall without flooding your yard. Instead, shock your pool with chlorine to help it combat any contaminants that might wash in, then turn off all electrical and water supply to the pool.

After the Storm

After the storm hits, it’s likely you’ll have a lot of trash and yard waste on the property. While the city will collect some of the waste, it won’t collect everything. Save yourself the trouble of driving to the dump and schedule a pickup with a trash removal company. We’ll haul away the debris and garbage left from the storm for you.

If getting ready for hurricane season leaves your yard cluttered with debris and junk, contact Junk Angel as soon as possible. As an experienced Orlando trash removal service, we’ll help you get rid the waste before and after the storm. Call 1-888-80ANGEL or fill out a service request form.

How to Clean: The Bathroom

pexels-photo-534116Believe it or not, the bathroom is one of the most used parts of your home. All those trips to freshen up and do your business can quickly leave the space looking lackluster. Luckily, cleaning the bathroom is far easier than it seems, and your Orlando junk removal experts want to help. We’ve put together a simple guide to help you keep your bathroom sparkling.

Clean Tile Regularly

Tile adds personality and flair to the bathroom, but the grout can quickly collect soap scum, mildew, and even mold. Get rid of regular buildup by spraying the tile with an all-purpose cleaner. For an all-natural approach, use a mixture of vinegar and water. Next, run the shower on hot until the bathroom is steamy. Let it sit for 15 minutes, and then wipe down the tile with a clean cloth to blast through even the thickest soap scum.

Pay Attention to the Grout

For dirty or stained grout, use a stiff bristled brush and straight bleach. Make sure to wear gloves and eye protection while working with the bleach, and open a window or run the bathroom vent to keep air circulating. Scrub the grout thoroughly and rinse the wall with water afterwards. This will get rid of most mold, mildew, and discoloration with ease. If you’re worried about using bleach, spray hydrogen peroxide on the grout instead. Let it sit for five minutes and scrub the stains away!

Scrub the Entire Toilet

Most people know the importance of cleaning the toilet bowl regularly, but all too often, the rest of the toilet gets neglected. Clean the bowl with your preferred toilet bowl cleaner, or pour a cup of baking soda directly into the water and let it sit. After five minutes, scrub with a toilet brush to power through those mineral deposits. To clean the exterior, start from the top and work your way down. Use a clean rag or paper towel and an all-purpose cleaner. Take time to scrub the base, behind the toilet seat, and the toilet handle.

Check the Countertop

Hair, toothpaste, lotion, and makeup all manage to spread from the sink to the top of the countertop. Wipe the surface with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. This will lift up even tough stains. Then scrub the sink with a fresh cloth, taking care to wipe down the faucet, drain, and overflow valve. This will keep the surface clean and clear throughout the week.

While spot cleaning is great for getting rid of most dirt, you’ll eventually need to replace the appliances in your bathroom. Let the Orlando junk removal experts at Junk Angel haul away those unwanted fixtures. Contact us to schedule a pickup today.

Getting Organized for the Disorganized

Orlando Junk RemovalGetting organized can feel like a momentous task when you struggle to keep your home clean on a daily basis. Don’t worry — you’re not alone. We all struggle to streamline our lives inside our homes, but your trusted Orlando junk removal team wants to help you make the most of your space. Whether you’re planning a massive cleanout or simply want to straighten up your house or apartment, it’s easier than you think. Here’s the disorganized person’s guide to getting organized quickly and easily.

Establish a Place For Everything You Own

The saying “a place for everything and everything in its place,” is more than an old adage — it’s great advice! Take a look at the items you use on a daily basis. Do you constantly find that you’re misplacing them? The easiest way around this is to create a designated place for those items. Get in the habit of leaving them in the same place every time you use them. It can feel awkward at first, but after a week or two, the habit will stick, and you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your car keys or hairbrush again.

Go Room-By-Room

When you first start organizing, it can be tempting to try and tackle the entire house at once. Unfortunately, that’s a recipe for failure. You’ll quickly become overwhelmed and may even lose your motivation for organizing in the first place. Instead, go room-by-room or even closet-by-closet. Get one area clean and organized to your liking, and then move onto the next space. Breaking things into small zones will let you see improvement quickly and keep you motivated to finish organizing the rest of the house. Remember, if you no longer need an item, get rid of it.

Set Up Daily and Weekly Tasks

Once everything is organized, you’ll need to keep it that way, but how do you stay on top of those tasks? Set up a chore chart! It may seem like you’re delving back into your younger years, but chore charts help you stay organized with home maintenance tasks. Separate tasks into daily must-do’s, weekly chores, and monthly tasks. This way, you’ll stay on top of everything without making regular cleaning and organization feel overwhelming.

While you’re organizing, you’ll likely find a lot of junk that needs to be hauled away to help you stay organized. Instead of taking trip after trip to the landfill, let the Orlando junk removal pros at Junk Angel handle the job for you. We’ll haul away your unwanted junk so that you can enjoy your newly organized home.

Moving Out: A How-To Guide on Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Junk Removal in OrlandoMoving to a new house or apartment is exciting, but when you’re renting, there’s often one thing on your mind — getting your security deposit back. In order to get that nice chunk of change back, you’ll need to clean and primp your old apartment before giving your landlord the keys. Though an experienced professional can help with junk removal in Orlando by hauling away trash and debris, you’ll still need to go through the unit thoroughly to have the best chance of getting your money back. Here are a few ways to help ensure that you get your deposit back when you move out.

Repair Obvious Damage

When you leave without fixing obvious problems like nail holes, peeling paint, or stains on the carpet, landlords will often withhold parts of the security deposit. Before you leave, take the time to repair any obvious signs of damage. Hire a professional carpet cleaning company to get rid of stains, repaint the walls that need a fresh coat, and patch holes from picture hooks with spackle. This reduces the amount of work your landlord has to put into preparing the unit for future tenants, earning you more of your deposit back.

Clean Thoroughly

You may not have noticed those dusty window ledges, but you can bet that your landlord will. Take the time to thoroughly clean the apartment. Scrub down the bathroom counters, toilet, and tub. Wash the windows in each room, and scour the oven until all residue is removed. Once you’re done, gather your trash and have it hauled away. Make sure you pick up each paper towel, rag, and empty cleaner bottle before vacating the property. If you leave trash behind, your landlord may dock your deposit.

Remove All of Your Stuff

If your landlord has to hire a junk removal team to remove your old furniture, yard care equipment, or piles of stuff, you can bet you won’t see much of your security deposit. Save yourself the frustration of a disappointing refund by removing all of your belongings and junk before giving your landlord the keys. You don’t even have to deal with it on your own; let an experienced junk removal team get rid of that broken couch, busted television, and 15-year old computer for you.

At Junk Angel, we’re here to help you streamline your move so that you can enjoy your security deposit refund happily. Let our experts haul away your junk removal in Orlando. Schedule an appointment today.