Dr. Phillips Junk Removal

Look no further; the professionals at Junk Angel are your answer to Dr. Phillips junk removal! With experience of over 12 years in the Orlando and Central Florida area, our specialists can handle nearly any task, from removing old junk and garbage in your home, to clearing out broken or outdated furniture in your business, and even cleaning construction debris from your job site. They do all of this while simultaneously providing you great customer care, at a great price.

Our team is trained to efficiently and safely remove the junk occupying your space and inhibiting you from working with all of the room you should have. We’re sure you’ve had enough of the junk currently taking up your room and are ready to get rid of it. The Junk Angel specialists will arrive at your location and, at your discretion, remove and haul away all of the items you deem to be junk. You won’t be having to lift anything but a finger to point our team in the right direction, and you’ll be glad to know that our team does this at a rate 20% lower than what the competitor’s can offer.

We focus on the removal of mainly the following items:

  • Yard clippings and waste
  • Construction leftover
  • Electronics
  • Home appliances & furniture
  • And even more!

Junk Angel’s professionals have been diligently trained and over the years have gained the trust of this community. We take care of your belongings, even your junk, moving them from your space to our dumping trucks, ensuring that the items you do want to keep aren’t harmed in any way, shape, or form.

If you’re looking for any help with your Dr. Phillips junk removal, we are the guys for the job. Our quality, performance, and prices make us not only the most affordable service in town, but also the best. Call us at (888) 80-ANGEL or contact us online.