About Us

Our Name:

One morning, I was delivering an empty junk truck to a job we were doing for a young married couple.  It was an extensive job that involved taking down an old shed that was filled with junk, a rotted deck with an old hot tub and some rotted wood fencing as well as, a large pile of landscape debris.  I was in a hurry as usual.

A wrong turn put me in the wrong neighborhood where I saw a man in an electric wheelchair right in the middle of the intersection.  I could see the traffic going around him as I turned the other direction looking for a place to turn around.  I tried to ignore his situation; as I said, I was very busy. As I returned, he was still there so I parked the truck and walked up to him.

It was very hot outside and he was sweating.  I saw the Vietnam Veteran hat on his head and his two missing legs.  While trying to move his wheelchair, I realized it was frozen and I couldn’t move it.  As I was talking to this war hero, a neighbor walked over to see if she could help.  Since I couldn’t move the wheelchair and I couldn’t leave him there, I told him I would carry him to his house which was down the street.  The neighbor thought he was too heavy, but I lifted him over my shoulders like I would have any wounded soldier and trotted to his house with the lady in tow.

She knocked on the door and when a woman answered, I walked in and gently placed him in his easy chair.  While I walked back to the truck with the lady, she was so ecstatic over what she had just witnessed telling me what an angel I was.  I just told her it was the least I could do given the situation and that I was just the junk man – to which she said “Well I think you are a JunkAngel!”  With that, we decided to name our business – JunkAngel.com.

Our Founding:

Founded by a Central Florida native, we have been in business since early 2003 as the first full service, professional Orlando junk removal company in Florida. Our founder started this business as way to escape the corporate world and return to his Florida roots to care for his ailing parents.

Our company almost never happened when, six weeks after opening the business in early 2003 (under a different name), the founder was ordered to Iraq with his Army Reserve Medical unit for “6 months” which turned into 18.

We are so excited to be able to provide outstanding Orlando junk removal service to our customers at much lower prices than our national franchise competitors.  We pride ourselves on our motto:


Prompt – Friendly – Professional


Our founder:  on duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Kyle has extensive corporate experience leading customer oriented, manufacturing organizations, concluding his corporate career as Director of Global Operations for a large company in Chicago.  He was also a career Army Reservist serving for 23 years during which he served in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He was born and raised in Florida and has lived, worked and traveled extensively in Europe and Asia.  He is also the proud father of three wonderful children of which he is extremely proud.

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