Orlando Dumpster Rental

Finding the right Orlando dumpster rental business for your junk removal needs is important for any job. Junk Angel understands this and can provide both 12-cubic-yard and 15-cubic-yard dumpsters. Rentals are available for both residential and commercial projects, allowing customers to dispose of all types of junk. Perfect for any job, our dumpster rentals will help improve efficiency to ensure all work continues at a steady pace. Loads of trash can be removed quickly with our dumpster rentals. Once you’ve set a timeframe, we will come to you and handle the discarded junk for you. A dumpster rental can be useful for many reasons, and having one will make a large impact on the progress of your job.


Junk Angel has dumpster rentals for every occasion. Some of our services include:

Residential Uses

Many homeowners may not consider going to an Orlando dumpster rental company for their needs, but having one can make a huge difference. Moving, cleaning, and clearing out your garage or storage unit are all reasons why homeowners will need a dumpster rental. Without a dumpster rental, you’ll have to find other ways to remove the larger, bulkier items from your property which is a hassle and prolongs the length of the process to finish. Tossing out bigger items like mattresses, furniture, and kitchen appliances help the job move faster and bring you to a quicker completion.


Commercial Uses

Having a dumpster rental on a construction site is critical in how the project will progress. Without one, junk can never really be removed and will eventually get in the way of completing the project. The ability to toss all non-hazardous junk into an easily accessible dumpster rental keeps the project moving and allows the crew to finish the project on time. Commercial uses for dumpster rentals aren’t limited to construction sites either, as landscapers will require them for any large yard waste they need to remove for bigger jobs. Yard waste piles up quickly when taking on projects like tree removal which is why having a way to contain all debris is important.

Orlando dumpster rentals have many uses, and Junk Angel has made sure their two dumpster sizes can be beneficial for both residential and commercial uses. There’s really no limit to what non-hazardous material you throw away. Even if you run out of room and still have more to discard, just contact us and we’ll have your dumpster emptied and returned in no time. Booking your dumpster rental is easy; just call Junk Angel at 407-476-0208 or contact us for service online, and you’ll be on your way to fast and efficient junk removal.