10 Reasons to Declutter

annie-spratt-102801A cluttered home is much more than an eyesore – it feels crowded and uncomfortable. Junk often overtakes living spaces and creates a fire hazard or breeding ground for bugs. Check out the benefits you can reap from decluttering your home.

Peace of Mind


UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families (CELF) researchers found that women with messy homes have increased cortisol (stress hormone) levels, possibly because women tend to associate a cluttered home with personal failure. Men are less bothered by a messy abode.

Sleep Better


Clutter causes stress and stress causes restless sleep, thus a clutter-free house can improve your sleep. A serene bedroom, in particular, contributes to a peaceful night’s rest.

Increase Productivity, Clean Less, and Be on Time


You’re likely to misplace things when your space is messy, and time spent looking for lost items hinders productivity. Additionally, hunting for a lost item when it’s time to leave for work, school, or an appointment will make you consistently late.

Kids Rooms Stay Clean


American parents bear 3.1 percent of the world’s children, but they purchase 40 percent of the toys sold worldwide. The fewer toys and gadgets children have, the easier it is to keep their space clean.

Get Ready Quickly


The average person only wears 20 percent of the clothes in their closet on a regular basis. Clothing and shoes that you never wear take up space that could be used for other storage.

Help Charities


Clean out your closets, spare rooms, and garage and donate unwanted items to charities. For example, Dress for Success provides women re-entering the workforce with gently used business apparel and accessories for interviews and new jobs.

Spend Less Money on Organizers


The more junk you have, the more money you’ll spend on shelves, bins, and baskets to stay organized. Eliminate excess so you don’t waste money trying to corral it.

Sell Your Home Faster


A clean home not only takes less time to stage before real estate showings, but it also sells faster. Keep belongings to a bare minimum to make your home inviting and spacious. Potential buyers can better envision their own furniture and collections in your space.

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