How to Clean: Old Photographs

Orlando Junk Removal When you first start clearing out clutter from your closet or attic in preparation for an Orlando junk removal appointment, you’ll likely come across fun mementos and photographs that you haven’t seen in a while. Though many photos may still be in good condition, others may need to be cleaned in order to be fully restored  to its original clarity. Unlike polishing old wooden furniture or wiping away dust from picture frames, cleaning photographs takes a bit of work. Here’s how to successfully clean old pictures without damaging the image.

Gather Your Supplies

To clean physical photographs, you’ll need to get the right gear, most of which you probably won’t have laying around the house. Stop by your local photography supply store or pick up the items online.

You’ll need:

  • Photographic emulsion cleaner
  • Disposable photograph cleaning wipes
  • 100% cotton gloves
  • Soft sponge paint brush
  • Towel to rest the photos on

Make Sure the Paper Can Handle Cleaning

If the photo paper is in relatively good condition, meaning without holes, rips, tears, or other damage, cleaning should be relatively simple. However, if the paper is damaged, you may be better off consulting a professional restoration specialist. Handling photo cleaning on your own when the image is heavily damaged could lead to worse damage if you’re not extremely careful. Professionals will have the knowledge and training to determine if the picture can be cleaned, how best to clean it, and how to mitigate and repair existing damage.

Start Gently

No matter what type of photograph you have in front of you, it’s important to start the cleaning process gently. Put your gloves on to prevent fingerprint smudges, and set the image on the towel. First, see if you can simply brush the dirt away with the sponge brush or a soft cloth. For many photos, this will be the only step you need to take.

Use Your Tools

If the dirt is stuck, reach for the emulsion fluid. Dampen the disposable wipes with the emulsion fluid, and gently move the wipe across the entire photo. If the dirt is still stubborn and the photo has been printed on high-quality photo stock, you can soak the photo for about 30 seconds in room-temperature water. This will loosen the dirt, making it easier to brush off. Once you’re done, let the photos dry completely and store them in a cool and dry place.

For images that can’t be salvaged or any other miscellaneous junk you have, let the Orlando junk removal pros at Junk Angel handle the cleanout for you. We’ll make sure everything is disposed of properly, leaving you with a clean space you can finally use.

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