2018 Home Design & Décor Trends

pexels-photo-275484If you’re seeking creative ideas for home renovations, Junk Angel is ready to share some of the best home design and décor trends for 2018. We hope these ideas inspire your own redecorating, and when it’s time to get rid of furnishings, fixtures, and construction debris, give us a call for our dumpster and junk hauling services.

Metallic Flourishes

Bling is back in a big way for decorative home interior accents. Metallic items add a dash of richness and subtle shine to a room, and you can choose from some of the trendiest metal finishes such as brass, silver, and harvest gold. You could use the power of metallics in another way by strategically placing a metallic finish mirror to make a room appear larger.  Pendant light fixtures crafted from shiny metal are always eye-catching, or you could throw in a whimsical touch like hanging a glittery, metallic, decorative sphere from the ceiling.

Black and White

The black and white theme is timeless and brings effortless drama and sophistication into your home. These two colors are extreme opposites, yet they look striking paired in limitless ways. White walls and black furnishings, or black walls and white furnishings, is a great option. You can also incorporate black and white patterns into a room with patterned wallpaper, chairs, couches, decorative flooring, and pillows.

Geometric Patterns

Geometry continues to inspire artist and interior designers, and for good reason: it’s flashy, unique, and an easy way to add some fun to a simple room. Go bold by choosing geometric wallpaper for an entire room. Alternatively, you can use geometric pattern pillows, bedding, and artwork to liven up rooms. You can also pair geometric patterns with trendy, vibrant colors, combining two décor trends into one.

Dark Wood

Earthy and rustic are popular design choices, but the trend is to make these themes more luxurious. Rich, dark wood is tasteful and blends with a myriad of design themes. Consider adding dark wood flooring to a living room or dining room, or, add dark wood paneling to walls and pair it with light-colored flooring for an updated, earthy-chic feel.

Millennial Pink

The hot color of the moment is “millennial pink,” which is showing up in everything from clothing to makeup to wall paint. Since this trend may have a brief shelf life, you should choose temporary ways to enjoy it. Wall paint is easy to change, and so are area rugs, curtains, pillows and wall art. When the trend ends, Junk Angel’s Orlando junk removal service can take away those unwanted pink items quickly.

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