3 Cleaning Tips for Foreclosed Homes

lost-places-1772401_960_720Every so often a realtor or new homeowner is faced with the frustrating task of cleaning out a foreclosed home. It’s never pleasant and certainly the last thing you want to do, but it must be done to make the place presentable. Junk Angel, a top Orlando dumpster rental company, has helped clear out foreclosed homes multiple times. Over the years, Junk Angel has gathered some tips on the best ways to completely clean out a foreclosed home and get it ready to show or even live in.


  • Prep
    Not all foreclosed homes are the same and therefore, won’t all require the same equipment to clean out. Do your best to assess the house and create a list of things you’ll need to clean up the home properly.
  • Remove Everything
    Everything: Whatever junk has been left behind should be discarded. If you’re looking to save some money and avoid hiring a junk removal service, another option is to rent a dumpster. Junk Angel offers Orlando dumpster rentals and highly recommends going this route if you plan on cleaning everything yourself. A good thing to remember is the stuff left behind is just junk and you shouldn’t have to pay too much to get rid of it. Having a dumpster rental allows you to just toss things in and continue with your cleaning without slowing you down.
  • Clean
    Once you’ve gotten everything out of your way, the next step is to clean everything. Many foreclosed homes haven’t been inhabited for months or longer, meaning plenty of filth and dirt needs to be removed. As homes have several rooms, each requiring a particular type of cleaning, it’s best to break the entire process down. Start with walls, cabinets, and shelves. Dust when needed, and wash with sponges and cleaning solutions. Then, start on the floors by either mopping or vacuuming, you can even go one step further and use a carpet cleaner. Addressing the floors will help remove old stains and bad odors left deep in the carpet. Next, you’ll want to spend plenty of time cleaning the bathrooms. Although these rooms are typically small, they do require a little more attention to detail. The last step is to remove any marks or smudges from all windows or mirrors.

Cleaning out a foreclosed home is a long, time-consuming process that takes a physical toll on anyone. Having an Orlando dumpster rental parked right outside will make the removal process go much faster and easier. Junk Angel even picks up, empties, and returns the dumpster if more junk needs to be discarded. New homeowners and realtors already deal with enough as it is so let us help you clean out the junk and save money by renting a dumpster. For great dumpster rental rates contact Junk Angel at 1-888-80ANGEL today.

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