3 Key Things to Consider When Downsizing

Moving all your things into a new place is a difficult and exhausting task no homeowner enjoys doing. Finding the time to move everything is hard enough but moving those things into a smaller space than you had before can seem impossible. Downsizing isn’t an ideal thing homeowners want to deal with, but sometimes it can’t be avoided, and you have no choice but to find a way to cram all your items into a smaller place. Junk Angel has been handling Orlando junk removal for years and has picked up a few key things that may help you during your downsizing.


  • Plan Out Bigger Items
    All larger items are naturally going to be taking up the most space in your new downsized home. The best way to handle this issue is by just discarding or donating the extra furniture you won’t have room for in your new home. If you’re going from a three bedroom to a two bedroom, it’s obvious you won’t need that third bed, dresser or desk any longer. This scenario makes downsizing easy, but other situations can make reducing larger items more difficult. For instance, you may still have three bedrooms at the new place, but your living space size has decreased. Measure your living area furniture and see what you still have room for, then get rid of the rest.


  • Wait on the Small Things
    It may seem like an excellent idea to get rid of your small items and gadgets, but in doing so, you may find you needed them once you’ve moved in. Throwing junk away during a move is a great idea but things you think you might need but aren’t sure about should be held onto anyway. Once you’ve downsized and everything has been moved over, you’ll see what you do indeed need after you’ve unpacked.
  • Unpack by the Box
    During your move, you inevitably gathered multiple boxes to help transport your belongings to your new place. It may seem like a difficult, overwhelming task to get through each box, but by unpacking them one at a time, you can separate the items into piles. You can create a keep, maybe and discard pile of things from each of these boxes. The things you want to keep will be put away into their respective places, the maybes will be decided upon, and the discards can be tossed. Junk Angel is an expert in Orlando junk removal and finding ways to organize what you’ve moved is highly suggested to make the process move easier.

These tips will help your downsizing process go smoothly and keep you from feeling overwhelmed by how much stuff you need to move. By cutting down on some of the larger items you’re reducing the amount of heavy workload that must be moved. Junk Angel believes that junk shouldn’t cost you too much to get rid of, which is why we offer great low rates on Orlando junk removal. If you realize you have too much junk to toss during your downsizing, contact Junk Angel for the best junk removal service at 888-802-6435.

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