3 Things to Consider When Determining Your Dumpster Size

There are several reasons why homeowners or small businesses may require an Orlando dumpster rental. From all out house cleaning to regular junk disposal, dumpster rentals are the best way to take care of all your junk removal needs. The most effective way to decide what kind of dumpster you’ll need is by considering how much junk your project could possibly create. Sometimes this is easier because you may already know how much junk needs to be disposed. For projects that are hard to judge the amount of junk for removal, it’s wise to consider all aspects and outcomes before starting your project.

  • Type of Project

The dumpster size you end up choosing will larger be based on the project you take on. If you want all junk and debris to be taken at one time after you’ve finished, then a 20 yard dumpster is probably a better option for you. However, if you know ahead of time that your project will require two or three trips to be emptied, then the smaller 10 yard dumpster is what you’ll want to use. These smaller dumpsters won’t take up as much space as larger ones and are perfect for the junk removal of several DIY projects. These two small Orlando dumpster rentals are useful for house cleanouts, small renovations such as flooring or kitchen remodeling, and yard waste from advanced landscaping.

  • Type of Junk

The kind of junk you’ll be removing from either your home or business is very important to know. For practical reasons, there are just some things you should avoid throwing into your small dumpster rental. Don’t waste too much of your dumpster space on larger items like furniture or appliances. The best way to take care of these bigger items is by donating them or waiting until your county has a large item pick up day. You’re going to want to get the most out of your dumpster rental, so use as much of that space for all necessary junk.

  • Necessary Junk

Small dumpsters are perfect for homeowners that need to declutter their home or take on small DIY projects. The junk created from DIY projects can accumulate rather quickly and you’ll want a way to keep all this contained. Old cabinets, removed shingles, and even doors are the perfect kinds of items you can throw into your small dumpster. For those that choose to rent a small dumpster for decluttering, most items discarded during this process will be perfect.

Junk Angel, an Orlando dumpster rental business, understands how frustrating home projects and decluttering can be without having something large enough to contain all your junk. When the time comes and you decide you’ll need to rent a dumpster, call Junk Angel at 1-888-80-ANGEL, and we’ll ensure you’re set up for success with the right size dumpster for all your needs.

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