3 Tips for Tidying Up Your House

When it comes time for homeowners to buckle down and tidy things up around the house, finding good ways to get it done right can be challenging. Over the years, Junk Angel has seen its share of junk and understands how frustrating it can be to have so much of it cluttering up your home. With years of Orlando junk removal experience, Junk Angel can offer a few tips that are sure to help you thoroughly tidy up your house.



  • Categorize
    The way one cleans around their home can be different for each person. In some cases, separating items into categories can be an efficient method. By keeping all clothes, houseware items, and miscellaneous junk in their respective piles, you’ll finally see how much of these things you own. The results can be surprising and will shed some light on the idea of owning too many items. Your clothing will usually be the largest category and whatever isn’t recent or used often should be considered to get thrown away or donated.

  • Room by Room
    Junk Angel, experts in Orlando junk removal, offers an alternative if the previous method doesn’t sound like it’s for you. Another option is to clean one room at a time. Taking on everything at once can be overwhelming which is why tidying up each room before moving on to the next may help. The great thing about this method is that you won’t feel pressured to clean the whole house at once as you can stop after tidying up each room. This method also makes fitting cleaning into your schedule a little easier as it’s reasonable to set aside a couple of hours each week to clean up a room.

  • Weigh Your Needs Truthfully
    When tidying up, homeowners are bound to come across items they aren’t sure should be kept or not. It’s important to remember what is really needed instead of holding onto things just because we want them. If it’s something you haven’t looked at in years or simply forgot you owned, chances are you no longer need it. It’s normal to keep a few things we want but to see a difference in clutter; you’ll have to make some tough decisions to let some of them go.



Once you’ve finished tidying up and realize you have many items that didn’t make the cut, you’ll probably want to invest in hiring an Orlando junk removal service. When it comes down to it, these unused items are just junk, and you shouldn’t have to pay too much to get rid of them. For this reason, Junk Angel offers prices 20 percent better than the competition and guarantees the best customer service. Contact Junk Angel today at 888-802-6435 for quick and efficient junk removal.

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