3 Ways to Clean Up Your Yard This Summer

With summer quickly approaching, homeowners are sure to deal with their share of yard work. Trees need trimming, grass needs clipping, and your gardens need attention. The summer heat and pouring rain keeps them all growing at a steady pace that requires you to tend to them regularly. Junk Angel specializes in Orlando junk removal and understands how difficult yard work and the clean up can be. With these helpful tips, homeowners will be more than ready to maintain and clean up their yards this summer.

  • Trimming
    By taking the time to check your trees for any dead limbs, you’ll prevent them from falling off and potentially hitting your home. High winds and heavy rainstorms often occur throughout the summer, and these conditions are what can make the dead limbs so dangerous. It’s not just trees that need attention though as bushes and plants can overgrow and affect other parts of your home like your AC unit.
  • Lawn Care
    Cutting your grass sometimes isn’t enough to ensure it’ll continue to grow lush and full all year long. In addition to this, homeowners should also take the time to rake out and extract any dead foliage that has gathered across your lawn. The grass is just like any other plant and requires proper amounts of oxygen and water to grow. With too many dead leaves and sticks spread across your lawn, nutrients from the air and water will have a harder time getting to it.
  • Disposal
    The amount of yard waste created by a home that isn’t frequently attended to can often fill several bags or bundles, exceeding your cities weekly pickup allotment. Junk Angel knows how tiring it can be to take care of your yard, and once you’re done the idea of cleaning it all up isn’t very appealing. Junk Angel offers their junk removal services to homeowners, so they won’t have to take care of it themselves. Our services will dispose each yard item, and there’s no limit to how much we’ll take.

Don’t stay out in the summer heat any longer than you have to by taking care of your own yard waste removal. With Junk Angel’s Orlando junk removal services, you’ll be able to cool off and relax sooner than intended. If you’re in a situation where your yard waste has become too overwhelming to dispose on your own, don’t hesitate to contact the Junk Angel experts at 1-888-802-6435 for help.


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