The 4 Types of Clutter: Which One is Yours?

chaos-227971_1920All clutter is inevitable no matter how neat you are because everyone has items they’ve held onto over the years that just end up forming a pile somewhere or ending up being stored in large boxes. Junk piles up and eventually becomes a cluttered mess that sometimes requires the help of an Orlando junk removal company to successfully clean up. There are multiple types of clutter, and discovering which type you have can help you organize your things better.


  • Gifted Clutter: Anytime there are old gifts that pop up while trying to clean up clutter, there are usually quite a few people that can’t bear to toss them out. Gifts from friends or family members can have a long-lasting effect on people. Since the item was a gift, you may feel remorse in throwing it away because the person who gave it to you was important. This may be tough for some to overcome, but throwing the gift away doesn’t make it worthless because, at one time, it was important and special to you. Over time, a gift can lose its effect and ends up in with the rest of your clutter, making it meaningless to hold onto especially if it’s only going to collect dust.
  • Grieving Clutter: When a loved one passes away, people tend to hold onto many things that either reminds them or were given to them by the deceased. Every time you go to clear out your clutter, you come across those same items and can’t handle the thought of discarding them. It’s important to remember that no one’s feelings will be hurt, especially if the item isn’t even being used anymore. Also, it can feel satisfying to pass on the item to someone who can still use it if you choose to donate it.
  • Nostalgic Clutter: Items that bring back strong memories of your past are extremely difficult to throw out. The problem is, there can be several items that remind you of your past that you’re having trouble discarding. A good way to decide whether you can part with it is by trying to figure out how long it’s been since you even regarded the item. If you can’t remember, then maybe it’s time to take the leap and throw them away or donate them to charity.
  • Usable Clutter: Everyone has those items that pile up because you keep telling yourself that one day, you’re going to do something with them. Unfortunately, the reality of it is that the things you plan on using later become a cluttered mess and before you know it, you’re calling an Orlando junk removal service to come and clear out your junk for you. The best advice is if you know it’s going to be awhile before you have time to use those items, then just throw them away and avoid the potential clutter.


Some people may experience a couple of these types of clutter or possibly all of them. The best thing you can do is get ahead of it before it becomes too much of an issue. The more your clutter grows, the more likely you’re going to end up needing help from an Orlando junk removal professional. For all your junk removal needs, Junk Angel is there for you. Call us at 1-888-80ANGEL, and our experts will handle everything for you.

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