4 Ways to Help Your Child Move into Their Dorm for College

It’s that time of year when high school students are graduating and eagerly awaiting their journey to college. The thoughts of new places, people, and university activities are exciting for your child. But before any of this can happen, the chore of moving them out of your place and into a dorm room comes first. The task can be daunting and difficult, which is why the Orlando junk removal professionals at Junk Angel have found four helpful ways to make the moving process a little easier for you.


  • Distance: Some students are fortunate enough to be moving not too far from home. If this is the case, not everything needs to be packed up at once. Your child will most likely be coming home to visit many times throughout the year, meaning they will be able to slowly bring things with them to college that they won’t need right away. This helps cut back on the initial amount of items they bring with them.
  • Buy it There: Bigger items your child may need, like a microwave or mini fridge, can take up more room than you’d prefer on your moving in trip. In order to avoid this, these items can be bought once you get to your destination and after the first set of supplies have been moved into their dorm. This relieves the stress in trying to figure out how you’re going to move everything in one trip.
  • Strategic Organizing: There are several ways to save space in limited areas like dorm rooms. Shoe organizers can hang on the back of closet doors, keeping them secured in one place. Clothing can be stored neatly in plastic drawer organizers without taking up nearly as much space as a full dresser. Junk Angel, Orlando junk removal experts, suggest saving space any you can. These types of organizers and more are available at several retail locations for inexpensive prices.
  • Save on Water: Purchasing bottles and bottles of water throughout the school year can not only take up unnecessary space in the dorm room but also becomes costly over time. It’s wiser to buy a filtered water pitcher instead.


The best way to prepare for that college road trip to the dorm is in the planning. The more you think ahead, the easier the process will be. Don’t get overwhelmed or stressed out on minor issues; just worry about the main things. For any Orlando junk removal needs you may have, contact Junk Angel at 888-802-6235.

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