6 Steps to Tackling Big Cleaning Projects

pepe-nero-212839A big cleaning project is on the horizon, but you’re dreading it and continue to procrastinate. However, by following these no-hassle steps from the team at Junk Angel, and you can accomplish your project quickly, efficiently, and with minimal stress.

Step 1: Pick a Day to Start

The first step to tackling your dreaded mess is to set a date and time; this will make the project a scheduled commitment. Check your calendar, find a time when you can devote full attention to cleaning, and start preparing!

Step 2: Declutter for 15 Minutes

When there’s so much clutter, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. Make things easier by starting with 15 minute decluttering sessions. First, grab two boxes. Label one for trash and the other for donations, then set a timer for 15 minutes. Fill both boxes with as much as you can within the timeframe. And feel free to keep going if you get in the zone.

Step 3: Continue Decluttering

Now that you’ve begun, continue to do 15 minute sessions for as long as it takes to remove all the clutter. A good strategy is to tackle one room at a time. Start decluttering one area and gradually work your way around the entire space.

Step 4: Make a Task List

After you’ve finished decluttering, turn your attention to miscellaneous cleaning tasks. Make a “to do” list so you can easily track your progress, and cross them off as you finish each one.

Step 5: Break Down Tasks

Avoid stressing out over any remaining tasks by breaking them down into smaller pieces. Instead of cleaning the whole closet, focus on shoes, then casual clothes, then work clothes, and so on. As previously stated, try to do everything in small sections.

Step 6: Finish Strong

There comes a point when the cleaning project is almost finished, and this is when you want to put in the extra effort to wrap it up. Instead of 15 minutes, push through until you’re done. Once finished, it’s time to relax and reward yourself.


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