Cleaning Up After the Holidays

Preparing for the holiday season is a task on its own when homeowners must get ready for friends and family. Hosting visitors is only one part of the holiday season. Once they’ve come and gone, you’re left with the aftermath of their visit, and the inevitable take down of your holiday decorations. Junk Angel, an Orlando junk removal company, has some tips for you this season on how to clean after the holidays and put your home on the right path to a fresh start during the new year.

  • Return or Donate Gifts: This method works for new and old gifts you’ve received. Throughout the year, if you notice an old gift you no longer use or never even opened, consider this time to either return or donate it to charity. In the case of new gifts, if you know you have no need for the gift or it’s something you already own, then return it. You won’t be hurting any feelings and then could use the refunded money for something you actually do need.
  • Holiday Cards: Holiday cards will be useful to you in the future since you can gather the information of friends and family and use that as your list for your next year’s holiday card. Beyond that, you can save the cards that have meaningful messages in them and discard the rest.
  • Clean the House: After entertaining guests for the holidays, your house could probably use a thorough cleaning. Most likely, the floors will need vacuuming and mopping and the kitchen counters require cleaning. Plus, all those dishes have piled up and will need attention. Then there are the guest bedrooms that will require fresh bed sheets and clean towels for the bathroom. Your next guests will surely appreciate the hospitality.
  • Holiday Decor: Do your best to repack everything the way it was when you unpacked it. It may seem difficult at first, but once you start packing, you realize how you had things before and it becomes much easier. Be as neat as possible and find a good storage space in your garage or attic. Anything old or worn out can be tossed, avoiding unnecessary clutter. Orlando junk removal companies are constantly finding old yard decorations that are no longer useful and end up disposing of them. By throwing a few out each year, you’ll keep decorations from ever becoming a storage hassle in your home.

Cleaning up after the holidays can seem daunting to homeowners, but once you get started, you’ll see it’s not too bad. If you do end up feeling overwhelmed by the amount of clutter you’ve collected, call the Orlando junk removal service, Junk Angel, at 1-888-80ANGEL, and you’ll receive the help you deserve.

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