The 7 Principles of De-Cluttering

As the summer is here and spring is in our rearview mirror, many homeowners may look around their homes and realize they haven’t done much in regards to spring cleaning. The mess over the past year, or however long it has accumulated, hasn’t miraculously disappeared on its own, and now you’ve decided it’s time to declutter your house. Orlando junk removal company, Junk Angel, offers seven decluttering principles that will help you avoid having this problem again in the future.


  • Even if your house has been decluttered, it’s inevitable that more items will find their way in and create more clutter. To keep clutter down, try removing one item each day. You will quickly learn what things you truly need to have around the house and what’s expendable.
  • If you can find the strength to keep items out of your home, you’ll notice a serious decline in clutter around your home. This method will also help your bank account, too, as you’ll find yourself wanting to buy fewer items.
  • You don’t need to hold onto everything. Many items around your house are probably rarely used, but you tell yourself you’ll use it in the future. Finding the difference between want and need can be difficult sometimes but once you’ve figured it out, you’ll see how clutter free your home has become.
  • Any items that still aren’t too worn out or have some life left in them still can be reused by others. Donating or selling items help keep those items out of the trash and puts them in the hands of those who may really need them.
  • There is such thing as having too much dinnerware or bedding products. If you have so many sets of bed sheets or plates that you never use some of them, it’s a pretty good sign they aren’t needed.
  • Sometimes it isn’t easy to get rid of some items that you feel obligated to hold onto, but the truth of it is that those items have been given to you. You have the authority to keep or discard those items as you please.
  • As you’ve decluttered your home, you may have realized that some items are much easier to throw away than others. It’s important to take on the easy tasks first in your home Orlando junk removal process because it’ll help prepare you for the larger and harder to throw out items.


Junk Angel is very skilled in their Orlando junk removal methods and wants to help homeowners declutter as much of their home as possible. If you’ve started decluttering and realize it’s too much to handle on your own, then contact Junk Angel at 1-888-80ANGEL and you’ll receive the best junk removal service in Orlando.

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