7 Ways to Know It’s Just Junk

We all have those items we will never part with; those that hold memories and sentiment value. However, there are those who have trouble parting with anything, which can slowly build into a pile of junk. Even a few things you are holding on to might just simply be junk. As leaders in Orlando junk removal, Junk Angel has put together a list to help you decide it it’s junk or not.


  • You Haven’t Used it for Over a Year- If it has been sitting on your shelf, in the closet, or stuffed under the bed gathering dust for the past year, it’s time to get rid of it. If you haven’t used the item in the past 12 months, it is pretty much junk now. However, that doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. Trading your old clothes, electronics, and furniture are very popular now. They are great ways to get rid of junk and make a quick buck.
  • You Have Bought a Newer Version of It- Unless you are keeping it for a really significant purpose or memory, something that you own a newer version of, just get rid of it. It may be cool and retro to keep older items, but if it has no purpose, and it’s not a collectors item, why keep it around?
  • It’s Broken or Has Missing Parts- Why do you need a broken object that is just collecting dust and taking up space? If it is broken and unused, it is time to say goodbye, especially if you’re not fixing it.
  • It’s Unsafe- If the object in question has broken pieces, pointy edges, strange smells, and/or colors, it could be downright dangerous. If using your stuff means risking your health, why gamble?
  • It is Now Home to Animals- Unless an animal is supposed to be living in there, then there is no reason why there should be one seeking shelter in your junk. That is not only unsanitary, but also it’s is possibly dangerous for you and the animal.
  • If You Hide It- If you are embarrassed that your friends or family might see it, and you spend time putting it away or trying to hide it, just save yourself the trouble and get rid of it because it’s most likely junk.
  • It Frightens People-
  • Do children run away from it? Does it scare your grandparents and gross your friends out? Unless it is October, this shouldn’t be happening. Consider cleaning up that terrifying mess.


If your junk fits into any of these categories, do not worry. Junk Angel, experts in Orlando junk removal, can help you get rid of all the junk from your home, office, or lawn. Continue reading our blog for more tips about where junk may be hiding and how to get rid of junk, or call 888-80ANGEL.

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