Addressing Holiday Decoration Challenges

Festive decorations are a central component of the holiday season. Decorations bring out the mood of the holidays in your home when family and friends come over to celebrate. However, despite the traditions that are usually associated with holiday decorations, tending to decorations might fall behind all of the other holiday preparations and shopping. Organization is important to simplify the process and ensure that we make time for the things we may not otherwise have time for.


If you are having trouble finding enough time to set up the decorations you want, check out these tips to help get your holiday season off on the right foot:


  • Decide on a theme. Sometimes less is more when it comes to meaningful decorations. Pick a theme and focus on using decorations that bring out the mood you want to set. You can fill your home with bright and vivid holiday-colored ornaments or decorate your home with a focus on classic holiday icons.
  • Find balance between the old and new. Over the years you have probably collected a large assortment of decorations to fill your home with. If you are thinking about getting more decorations to match a theme, it may be appropriate to leave some older decorations in storage, even if they carry sentimental value.
  • Optimize your space. Take into account how many people you know are going to visit during the holidays. Some homes won’t have the space to hold all of the people and decorations you want, so plan accordingly. Remember that less is more, and meaningful placement can beat an overcrowded and overwhelming space filled with random things.


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How often do you clear your home of holiday decorations? Share your stories and tips with us and we’ll share them with our followers.

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