Can You Donate Your Junk?

beautiful-beauty-blond-761999Cleaning out your home is a great way to get rid of unwanted clutter and junk, but for many people, the thought of watching all their belongings head straight to the junkyard can be difficult. While some items need to be handled by a Winter Park junk removal services provider, others may be able to be donated to an appropriate charity. Before you start creating piles of junk to send to a donation center, you need to make sure the junk can be donated in the first place.

How Used is Your Furniture?

Many charities are happy to take your old and unwanted furniture. However, each piece needs to be in relatively good condition. Before scheduling a donation pickup, take a look at the leather or upholstery. Some fading and scuff marks are to be expected, but the majority of the piece needs to still look nice. There should be no visible tears or rips in the material or noticeable stains on the surface. If your cat has used the leg of the sofa as a scratcher, it’s best to schedule an appointment with your Winter Park junk removal services team.

Mattresses, Bedding, and Old Baby Furniture Are Off-Limits

Due to health concerns, most charities cannot accept donations of mattresses, box springs, or baby furniture. Even if your home is spotless, the charity has no way to verify if there was a bedbug problem on the property or if  the baby furniture is free of dangerous chemicals or safety defects that led to a recall decades ago. Instead, let a junk removal team haul these items away to properly dispose of them.

Canned Food and Beverages Have Their Place

If part of your decluttering process uncovers a stash of canned goods that you no longer want or need, those items can be donated, but they typically cannot go to the same place as your furniture. Most charities are equipped to handle furniture, clothing without holes or stains, and other household items, but they’re not prepared to handle food donations. Instead, offer these items to your local food bank. Just make sure the boxes are unopened and the food is not past its expiration date. Anything expired or items that have been opened should be tossed.

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