Can I Throw that Out?

Orlando Trash RemovalWith so much concern that we’re poisoning our environment by tossing toxic materials into landfills, we need to keep up with the growing list of what is and isn’t okay to throw in the garbage. Most cities regularly collect electronic and hazardous wastes. If you’re wondering whether you can safely throw those batteries or that burned-out light bulb into your trash, here’s the lowdown on Orlando trash removal.


Most batteries are made with small amounts of toxic materials like mercury and cadmium and should be recycled. Ditto for car batteries, which also contain corrosive materials. Stores that sell batteries usually have collection areas for used ones, and car battery retailers are actually required to take spent batteries.

Appliances and Computers

Computers typically contain lead, mercury, and cadmium, all of which are toxic to humans, animals, and plants. You may be able to drop off computers that no longer work at retailers that sell computers and electronics, such as Staples and Best Buy. The same goes for printers, fax machines, and accessories like cables and ink cartridges.

All appliances, even smaller ones like toasters and coffee makers, should be recycled for their metal, glass, and plastic parts. Most community landfill operators offer free pickup of large appliances if you call ahead to schedule it.

Motor Oil

Motor oil is highly toxic to the environment, and it’s illegal almost everywhere to pour it down the drain, into a body of water, or even onto the ground. Just one gallon of motor oil can contaminate 100 million gallons of fresh water. You must take motor oil to a collection facility.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Regular and compact fluorescent light bulbs may be long-lasting and economical, but they also contain mercury and, as such, should never be disposed of in the trash. The same goes for glass thermometers containing mercury.


Oil-based paints and stains should never be thrown away. Donate what you can and take the rest to a hazardous waste collection facility. Latex paints are water-based and aren’t harmful to the environment, but they should still be left to dry out before you dispose of them in your trash.

We Can Help

As a professional Orlando trash removal specialist, Junk Angel can help you figure out what you can safely dispose of in a dumpster during your next DIY project or home clean out.

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