Cleaning & Increasing Your Home’s Value

Homeowners that are putting their house on the market should take advantage of every possible way to increase the value of their home. Even the things that seem insignificant to you or not important enough to the big picture can be the very detail that either persuades or dissuades buyers during an open house. Junk Angel provides Orlando junk removal services for homeowners to help them increase their home’s value. But there are other ways besides cleaning out your home that will help improve its value.

  • Carpet Cleaning: Before you even list your home, getting your carpets cleaned should be a top priority. Just having them cleaned can provide a large return on the overall sale price of your home. Your carpet shouldn’t be cleaned just before listing your home, though. It’s suggested that homes with kids or pets should have their carpets cleaned once every six months. This constant maintenance and upkeep will ensure your carpet stays strong and fresh.
  • Landscaping is Key: Buyers looking to purchase a home will judge it by its cover. That’s why it’s very important to invest in good landscaping as it can give you large returns in the future. If you don’t have the funds to afford a landscaper, you can always purchase the supplies yourself and work your lawn with family. Little touches like using mulch and adding plants can easily be done without costing you much money. Curb appeal is an important area in increasing value to your home, so it’s crucial to spend some money in this aspect.
  • Increasing the Brightness: Buyers look for places that provide plenty of light to the home. Simple adjustments or repairs to light fixtures, changing opaque and dirty curtains, and even washing windows can drastically improve the home’s value.

Adding value to your home is vital if you’re planning on listing your house. Junk Angel has the expertise in providing you with excellent Orlando junk removal services for your home if the problem is too overwhelming for you. Our Orlando junk removal professionals specialize in this area as we have the ability to efficiently tackle this issue for you, so call us at 1-888-80ANGEL, and we’ll gladly take on this obstacle for you.

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