Cleaning Out Before Moving

Packing all of your stuff in preparation for a move can be stressful and exhausting. Packing stuff you don’t even need is sheer madness. Preparing to move is one of the few times you are forced to look at and handle every single thing you own. So spend time before you move to sort through your belongings with a critical eye. Follow these guidelines to decide what to toss and what to keep; then toss the junk into an Orlando dumpster rental.

Kids’ Stuff

No matter how old your children are, chances are good that your home is a depository for outgrown clothes, games, toys, and movies. Kids will hang on to toys they haven’t even looked at in years. The trick is to collect that stuff when your kids are at school or in bed. They’ll never miss it! Get rid of it!

Books, Newspapers, and Magazines

Those books you’re planning to read or reread “someday” are, simply put, a dust magnet. Donate your books to a library or give them to someone who will enjoy them. The same goes for cookbooks, textbooks, newspapers, and magazines you’re “saving.” Copy or scan pages you want to keep.


You’re probably hanging on to an awful lot of paper you think you might need someday. Check online with the IRS or other trusted resource to find out how long you should keep old receipts, invoices, tax returns, and bank statements. If you’re unsure, scan paper documents, then shred them. You will still have a digital version.


Technology changes at mind-blowing speed. The electronic gadget you buy today may be obsolete in six months or a year. If old cell phones, chargers, and computer accessories are piling up, donate those in working order or contact your local public works department for advice on recycling them. Don’t drag useless items with you.

Sentimental Items

Your house is full of things loved ones have given you. Trouble is, you don’t really like them. It’s OK to part with anything that you don’t find meaningful or useful. You’re probably better off donating these items. Regifting could be tricky, especially if you don’t remember who gave what.

Expired Items

This is a good time to check expiration dates on food and makeup. Expired foods either lose their flavor or become dangerous to consume. Makeup that’s been sitting around can collect bacteria, making it unsafe to use. When in doubt, throw it out.

Need Help Deciding?

It just doesn’t make sense to spend money or energy moving stuff you don’t need into your new home. Contact Junk Angel today to schedule the right Orlando dumpster rental for your moving needs.

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