Cleaning with Pets

Orlando Trash RemovalIt can be a challenge to keep your home squeaky clean when you share your abode with any kind of furry creature. Most dogs and cats shed — a lot. They also pick up dirt, bugs, mud, and leaves in their fur and track those things into your home, depositing them on carpeting, rugs, beds, and furniture. Here are a few tips to keep some of the debris that comes standard with house pets at bay.

Keep Pets Clean

The cleaner your pets are, the cleaner your house will be. Regular grooming and brushing are a must for both dogs and cats, as are baths for dogs. Keep a dog cleaning station near the door your dogs generally use to go outside. Stock it with moist wipes, old towels and rags, and a spray bottle of water to clean dirty paws and fur.

Keep Their Stuff Clean

Wash pet beds, leashes, and toys regularly to keep loose fur and odors to a minimum. Most beds, leashes, and plush toys can be tossed right into the washing machine. Rubber and plastic toys can usually be run through the dishwasher.

Clean Accidents Quickly

Clean pet urine and vomit on carpets and upholstery as soon as possible, before stains and odors can sink in. Use enzyme-based cleaners that are made specifically for these kinds of jobs.

Get a Good Vacuum

Invest in a high-powered vacuum with strong, reliable suction and upholstery tools. Empty the collection cup and clean the filter regularly to keep the vacuum running at peak efficiency.  

Keep Pets Off the Furniture

It goes without saying, but your house will look and feel cleaner when pets aren’t allowed on chairs and couches. If you think it’s OK to let pets feel completely at home (or you’ve given up this battle), consider covering furniture with slipcovers, especially if you have expensive or antique pieces that you want to preserve.

Keep Clutter to a Minimum

The more knick-knacks you have in your house, the more places there are for fur to collect. Lots of stuff also makes it more challenging to run the vacuum effectively.

We’ve Got This

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