Concrete Removal: Recycle or Dump?

Oftentimes, the largest deterrent to continuing a project at a job site is the physical barriers of old, useless concrete getting in your way. And while it may, in theory, be easy to remove this heavy junk, in practice, it is not. Concrete is considered a hazardous waste material because of its pH level, so it requires extra care in its disposal. Luckily, our professionals specialize in Orlando junk removal of all forms, even that of concrete.

Concrete is a special material because of its capacity to be recycled for a multitude of purposes through a fairly simple process. After being loaded onto dump trucks by a few of the experts at Junk Angel, the concrete gets hauled to a recycling facility where large machines crush the concrete to form a material known as recycled aggregate. This material is comprised of concrete bits, but also includes parts of the iron bars that are typically found within reinforced concrete.

Turning concrete into this aggregate material is one of the best options, both financially and for the benefit of the environment. The resulting product can be used for foundation work as well as for use in creating roads by serving as a component in the asphalt creation process. This reuse of the material provides cost savings benefits to the people who make it, but the recycling is also beneficial to you, the person who otherwise would have dumped it in a landfill. As you may know, taking items to be dumped in landfills can be expensive, as you are charged per type of material and amount by weight.

Recycling the material by allowing the Orlando junk removal professionals at Junk Angel to remove it and haul it for you saves you that cost and that hassle, plus it keeps the landfills free, and that’s always a good thing.

If you’ve found yourself with concrete on your hands and are looking to get rid of it in a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly way, then reach out to the best Orlando junk removal professionals around. Call us at (888) 80-ANGEL or you can contact us online.

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