Debris and Hurricanes

branch-environment-green-751005Hurricane season is here, and that means high winds and intense rains can create a lot of debris on your property. Even if the structure is undamaged, it’s likely that there will still be a lot of trash and debris in and around your property. At Junk Angel, we want to help you be as prepared as possible for hurricane-related junk removal in Orlando. Here’s what you need to know about cleaning up debris after a hurricane.

There’s a Difference Between Named Storms and Severe Weather

Though severe weather can cause a lot of problems both to your home and your landscaping, it’s not entitled to the same cleanup rules as hurricane-related damage. Debris left by severe storms must be cleaned up by the homeowner. City and municipal resources will not offer cleanup services for damage done by an unnamed storm. However, if you’re cleaning up after a named storm, the government will likely provide pickup services for much of the debris. Keep in mind, you’ll still be responsible for moving the waste to a designated pickup location in front of your property. Anything left inside your property is your responsibility to remove.

Business Owners Are Responsible for Their Own Waste Removal

Though the city will provide junk removal for homeowners, it does not offer the same service for business owners. If trees on your commercial property fall during the storm, you’ll need to hire a junk removal company to haul away the debris. However, if power lines or other debris are located on a public roadway and off of your property, the city will be able to clean up the debris. Keep in mind it could take several days or weeks depending on the extent of the damage.

Preventative Maintenance Is Key

The easiest way to reduce the buildup of debris after a storm is to remove as many hazards as possible beforehand. Trim away any low-hanging branches and clear out any junk sitting on your property. Items like old cars, unused tools, and household trash can do severe damage if picked up in hurricane-force winds. Instead of leaving them in the yard, let a junk removal expert haul away the debris before the hurricane season reaches its peak.

At Junk Angel, we’re ready to help you with junk removal in Orlando, whether you’re performing preventative maintenance or need a pro to help haul away debris from your business’s property. Call 1-888-80ANGEL or fill out a service request form today.

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