Decluttering Your Garage to Increase Your Usable Space

pexels-photo-164558Over time, you’ve used your garage to store assorted tools, furnishings, household and home improvement products, seasonal items, recreational equipment, and random stuff you refuse to part with. The junk pile has gotten to the point where you’re ready to call a junk removal company service to help you declutter. Before you contact one, there are some vital steps you need to consider to reduce the stress of it all.

What’s Your Vision?

In order to successfully declutter your garage, it helps to know why you’re doing it. Look around your garage and consider the possibilities for the space. Are you creating a space to relax and socialize, a play area for the kids, a place to do laundry, or a workshop? Toss around ideas until you come up with the ultimate vision of how you’d like to use your garage.

Devote 10 Minutes a Day to Decluttering

Now that you’ve committed to following through with your decluttering plan, you’re faced with a time dilemma. How are you going to carve out time during your busy day to deal with a mountain of stuff? The answer is, you’ll break it down into small segments of time. If you have 10 minutes a day to spare, you can declutter faster than you think. Decide when to take those 10 minute sessions, and what tasks to complete during that time.

Letting Go is Hard, But Necessary

You’re going to find it difficult to part ways with some of the things stored in your garage, especially items that have deep, sentimental value. Handle these items by selecting a few favorites for display in your home, and give the rest away to family, friends, or charity.

Become More Organized

It’s easier to decide what to keep and what to get rid of when you organize everything into three piles: garage, give away, and junk. The garage pile includes everything you want to stay in the garage. The give away pile should be designated for items that can be reused by local charities or people you know. And of course, the junk pile is for permanent disposal. Getting rid of your piles is a lot easier when using a junk removal service like Junk Angel.

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