How to Dispose of Shorted Household Appliances

kitchen-610736_1920Household appliances make your life more convenient in numerous ways until they stop working. When these devices short out, you have the option to attempt a repair or get rid of them entirely. If you’re choosing the second option, be aware that your local trash service may not be able to take them off your hands. Appliances fall into a particular disposal category, and hiring an Orlando junk removal company is a safe and easy way of handling these unwanted items. Junk Angel’s tips for appliance removal can help things go smoothly.

Make a Safe Disposal Plan

Many appliances contain various mechanical and electrical parts, which can be recycled for other uses. However, any item that cannot be recycled needs to be properly destroyed. Appliances such as refrigerators contain chemicals that cannot just be thrown away with regular trash. These chemicals tend to leak from discarded refrigerators, causing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and other ozone-depleting substances (ODSs) to rise up into the Earth’s atmosphere, damaging the ozone layer. Creating a safe disposal plan prevents your unwanted appliances from increasing levels of UV light exposure and pollution for all living things.

Keep Broken Appliances Together

When handling multiple appliances, it’s important to keep them together whether they’re in closets, attics, or the garage. Gathering them up and placing them together in the same area makes it easier to locate on disposal day. It also saves hauling time, which makes the process go more efficiently and smoothly.   

Get Experienced Help

Getting rid of unwanted appliances is a big hassle that requires time, effort and a certain amount of  physical labor. Recycling this junk is great for the environment, but what if you have no desire to break it down, load it into a truck, and haul it to the right recycling facility? Thankfully, you don’t have to when you hire Junk Angel. Our experienced team knows what to do with all your non-functioning appliances that include microwave ovens, fans, washers, stereos, and refrigerators. Moreover, if some appliances need to be dismantled or demolished before being hauled away, Junk Angel offers this service too.

Junk Angel is a family owned and operated business in Orlando, Florida. We provide Orlando junk removal and disposal services for both residential areas and commercial business. Our licensed and insured removal experts will provide you with a superior and courteous customer service for less! Get free estimates, same day as well as weekend and evening removal by calling us today at 1-888-80ANGEL (26435) or by submitting your service request form online.

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