Don’t Take a Chance: Hire Only Fully Licensed and Insured Companies

When you need help with a home project that you are unprepared to handle on your own, you should hire licensed contractors to get the job done. Licensed contractors are professionals that have proved to the state that they are capable of handling the job. While each state has its own regulations and laws to receive a trade license, they generally have to pass competency tests about business practices and related skills, and prove that they are an insured contractor. Your Orlando junk removal company, Junk Angel, tells you the things your contractor needs to have to protect yourself.

If you ever have to hire a contractor to work on your home, be sure that they are insured and bonded. The insurance is there to protect you from paying out of pocket if your own homeowner’s insurance cannot cover the costs of an incident occurring on the job while bonds reimburse you if the contracted work is unsatisfactory.

Contractor insurance should fall into the categories of liability and worker’s compensation.

  • Liability Insurance- covers the cost of any damage to your property as a result of the work completed by the contractor. This will not usually cover the cost to repair and replace the work itself which is what the bond is for.
  • Worker’s Compensation- provides lost wages and medical expenses to a worker who is injured on the job, regardless of who is at fault.

Always make sure that a contractor has insurance before hiring them. Here is a list of easy ways to verify if the contractors you want to hire are insured:

  • Check Contractor Listings on – contractors on Angieslist are encouraged to report their license, insurance and bonding status.
  • Check the State Licensing Board – ask for the prospective contractor’s trade license. Once you have it you can check with the state licensing board to verify that their information is up to date.

If you are in need of contracted professionals to help remove unwanted junk from your home, look no further than your Orlando junk removal company Junk Angel. We are a certified junk removal company with a history of satisfaction with our customers. Calls us today at (888) 80ANGEL for a free quote from experienced professionals.

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