Downsizing for Retirement the Right Way

Downsizing for Retirement the Right WayDownsizing after retirement isn’t uncommon as most retired couples no longer have any family to fill their home or may be too much of a hassle to upkeep with your new lifestyle. The most significant obstacle retirees face is determining what they should bring to their new place. Junk Angel, an Orlando junk removal company, knows all about downsizing and how to manage your things for such a move. Our experts have put together an easy three-step system to reduce the number of your belongings quickly.

The most important factor about downsizing is knowing what items will be essential for you to save. Cramming everything from a large house into a small condo or apartment isn’t going to happen, so plan ahead with what you’ll need to keep. Take only essential larger items like furniture or appliances. Knowing the measurements of your new place will be critical for this step and will help you map out what is practical to move. Hang on to the important smaller things and set aside everything else for later. Once you’ve established what you’re keeping, the rest will be easier to handle.

Retired couples choosing to downsize typically do so because they had children that filled up their home at one point. Now that they’re out and on their own, you probably have some items you don’t need anymore. If your kids don’t want them, you could seek out an organization that needs them. You not only get a tax write off for your donation but also give a second life to those items instead of throwing them away. As a bonus, most charities to donate to that can even pick up the pieces for you.

Whatever junk you have left is probably just that – JUNK! If you’ve decided you won’t need it and your kids won’t take it, or you can’t donate it, the best option is to dispose of it. Junk Angel can take on any Orlando junk removal project and is more than willing to assist you. Keep the downsizing process as simple as possible and let Junk Angel handle all the heavy lifting and junk removal for you.

It’s important to remember these three tips as downsizing will be a tedious, time-consuming process you’ll want to make as easy as possible. By hiring Junk Angel, you’ll be ready to move out and move on to the next place. Contact us at 1-888-80ANGEL, and we’ll ensure your Orlando junk removal is done quickly and efficiently.

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