Essentials for Flipping Houses

For years, flipping houses has been a solid way to earn a good amount of money and even turn house flipping into a full-time business. Of course, experienced flippers have come around on the ways to turn over homes, but new flippers may not have the same knowledge to be successful from the start. Junk Angel, an Orlando dumpster rental company, wants new flippers to have a good understanding of what’s involved when flipping a house and has come up with a few essential ways that will help you on your path.


It goes without saying if you don’t have the funds to purchase a house to flip, you won’t get very far in this business. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome this obstacle that will help get you started. You can always take out a loan to buy the home, and if done right, you’ll be able to pay off the loan and have money leftover after you’ve flipped the house. Another option involves finding an investor that will buy the property up front. Typically, this deal means you’ll be doing all the home improvements yourself while they collect the profits at the end. Although this doesn’t sound appealing, it’s a way to get your foot in the door, and if enough profit is made off your first flip, you may not need an investor anymore moving forward.

Flipping Crew

There are two types of crew teams you’ll need to ensure your house flipping experience works in your favor. There’s the team that will help you with all the paperwork and aspects involved in properly flipping your house and the ones that will be doing the physical work to renovate the house. Both crews are crucial to ensure a successful flip. The experts you should get in contact with are real estate and insurance agents, money lenders, and contractors. All these specialists will help make the process easier and ensure you don’t run into any delays during the flipping process. When it comes to the renovations of the home, costs can get rather high. A good way to avoid this is by purchasing the items and doing the improvements yourself. A strong crew of trusted friends and family will cut out labor costs and keep you from spending too much during your flip. Of course, a contractor or architect should be consulted if you plan on doing any significant structural changes to the home.

Dumpster Rental

Flippers will quickly realize there is a lot of junk that must be removed while flipping a house. To efficiently pull it off, the best way to dispose of the junk is by renting a dumpster. Junk Angel offers dumpster rentals at 12 and 15 cubic yards for this reason specifically. All large, small, and even yard waste junk can be tossed into these dumpster rentals and can be handled the same day. Without one of these on site during your renovations, the process will only take longer and slow down your turnover. The quicker you flip the house, the faster you can pay off your loan and start on the next home.

With Junk Angel’s best price guarantee of beating any competitor’s price by 20%, you cannot afford to lose out on those savings! If you are contemplating a house flip, be sure to contact the Orlando dumpster rental experts at Junk Angel. Old junk and outdated fixtures don’t belong in a flipped house, give them a proper home in a Junk Angel dumpster. Let us help ensure your house flipping experience goes well, contact us at 1-888-80ANGEL and we’ll have a dumpster rental out to you in no time.

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