First-Time Homeowners Guide to Must Do Projects

igor-ovsyannykov-219666Being a first-time homeowner is exciting, and with a few home improvement projects, it can become your dream place. Before that can happen, you may discover that you need to take care of a few repair projects that can’t wait. Junk Angel handles a lot of local small dumpster projects, and our experts are happy to share the most common home repair projects you’ll most likely need done.

Replacing Old Drywall

Weak wall panels with poorly repaired holes or structural damage can be the source of a lot of homeowner headaches. You can replace a damaged section or an entire drywall panel. When cutting out the damaged parts, use a level to draw straight lines above and below the damaged area, you can cut the drywall using a standard drywall knife. Getting rid of large pieces of drywall involves removing electrical switch plates, molding, drywall screws, and nails, and then prying the panels off. We recommend hanging new drywall horizontally to achieve a near blemish-free professional appearance.

Painting and Retouching

Everyone’s color preferences are different, and if you dislike the color of one or more rooms, you’ll want to repaint some areas and retouch others. Besides the actual physical labor involved, you’ll want to spend time picking out the primer and paint colors that reflect your desires. Drop cloths are essential to protect flooring from paint damage.

Make sure to move furnishings to the center or entirely out of the room, and cover any light fixtures with plastic. Painter’s tape is useful for protecting door knobs, molding, and any area you don’t want to be painted. Repair holes and gaps with spackle, and after it dries, wash the walls with a damp cloth or sponge. For best results, always apply a quality primer to walls before applying the primary paint color.

Removal of Carpets and Flooring

There’s no sense in keeping carpets and flooring that is worn, damaged, or outdated. You may want new flooring, but first, you must tackle the job of ripping out what’s there now. If you know how to use a utility knife, you can easily cut and pull up carpeting. Vinyl floor removal requires a utility knife, possibly a durable scraper tool, and a lot of elbow grease. Be aware that depending on the age of your home; old vinyl may contain asbestos, so have a piece of it lab tested before doing anything. If the flooring does contain asbestos, call in floor removal experts for safe, efficient removal. The exposed subfloor should be clean and level before installing new carpeting or flooring.

These are just a few projects that can that be the start of a remodel list for new homeowners. You can safely get rid of leftover junk waste from all home repair and remodeling jobs by contacting Junk Angel, your affordable removal specialists.

Junk Angel is a family owned and operated business in Orlando, Florida. We provide Orlando small dumpster rental and disposal services for both residential areas and commercial business. Our licensed and insured removal experts will provide you with a superior and courteous customer service for less! Get free estimates, same day as well as weekend and evening removal by calling us today at 1-888-80ANGEL (26435) or by submitting your service request form online.

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