Fun Tips to Feng Shui

Fun Tips to Feng ShuiFeng shui has helped create better energy in spaces for more than 4,000 years. Commonly known for creating a better flow throughout your home, this Chinese practice can help declutter your home in the process. Junk Angel is experienced with Orlando junk removal and knows once a feng shui project is started, there’s usually a lot of junk that needs to be removed. Here are some fun ways homeowners can introduce feng shui into their homes.

Good Energy
The primary focus being feng shui is spreading positive energy throughout your home. One way you can instantly start your feng shui journey is by opening all the windows in your home. This brings in clean, strong energy and removes any old, stale energy that lingers. You can also clear the area by your front door. Keeping obstacles and other clutter away from the front door emphasizes good energy as you won’t feel burdened by messes right as you walk in. Try adding some art around this area as well to create a nice welcoming look for visitors.

Add Plants
Bring some foliage into your home and clean out any unwanted energy. Plants naturally clean the air and remove pollutants and toxins from your home. As you have your windows open and the new air comes in, you’ll want the plants to help and clean that new air for you. Having too many small plants can look like clutter, so bigger ones are better to use. These larger plants will also draw out more pollutants than the smaller ones and improve your feng shui.

Having clutter in your home only increases the negative energy so you’ll want to remove it quickly. For homeowners that don’t have time to declutter, consider bringing in a professional Orlando junk removal service to get it done quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Feng shui is an excellent way to improve creativity and positive energy in your home. These tips will help you achieve your feng shui goals and set you on the path to relaxation. Once you’ve gathered all clutter and need help disposing of it, contact Junk Angel, the Orlando junk removal pros, at 1-888-80ANGEL today.

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