How to Get Rid of Old Paint

There are several homeowners that have a closet or shelf full of old paint and painting supplies. Whether it was leftover from a home renovation or an external project, it’s time to get rid of the unused leftovers and find a better use for the storage space. Even if you think you can use it again in the future, unless you stored it at a particular temperature and properly sealed, the container of paint has most likely become unusable. Before you make the move to throw out your old paints and painting supplies, there are some things you should know about properly disposing it.


Most people do not know that you should not simply throw liquid paint away with the rest of the trash. The paint must be dried before it can be thrown out. There are several different ways old paint can be safely dried before disposal. The easiest being, let it dry in the can or container, or pour the paint on cardboard and throw that out when it dries. Just make sure it is no longer a liquid when you move to throw it out.


However, if you cannot wait for the paint to dry or have oil based paints and paint thinner, the best option it to hire a professional junk removal company. They have the means and experience handling hazardous materials and properly disposing them. Avoid throwing these away, as they are recognized as hazardous materials and should be handled with caution.


Junk Angel is prepared to handle any paint disposal needs. We have the experience to handle hazardous materials with care and remove any stress in the process. If you live in the Orlando area and need professional Orlando junk removal services, contact Junk Angel today to receive a free quote.

Have you disposed of old paint in the past? How did you dry the paint? Did you contact a junk removal company to get the job done? Share you paint-drying insights with us and we’ll share them with our followers.

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