Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer

Florida has already changed out of its winter attire and is slipping into its more familiar cycle of sunny days and warm afternoon showers. While the upcoming months bring the promise of fun with friends and family, it also comes with more work for homeowners with yards that need to be maintained. We have helped a lot of homeowners with their Orlando junk removal to prep their yard for fun in the Florida sun.

In order to reduce the amount of time you spend tending to your lawn this summer, you should take some time to prepare for it now. Here are a few tips to help get your lawn prepared for the summer months:

  • Check Your Tools and Appliances: Proper lawn care requires the right tools and appliances need to be working the best they can. After a few years, some appliances may need maintenance or need to be replaced to get the job done. Take time to inspect appliances like lawnmowers and sprinkler heads, and if they need to be replaced, throw them out and buy a new one.
  • Trim Problem Plants: Storms are common here in Florida, especially during the summer months. When the wind and rain hits your home, it’s going to send plant debris from trees all over your yard. To stop this from causing too much trouble, consider trimming thin branches from trees in your yard, or even cutting down trees that are leaning too close to your home.
  • Change the Type of Grass in Your Yard: If you have dead spots in your grass or have been thinking about giving it a fresh start all together, consider carefully the type of grass you replace it with. Fescue and perennial rye look similar to regular grass, but require less chemical maintenance throughout the summer.

Once you have finished taking care of all of the preparations for summer, you may need to haul away various types of junk from your yard. Cut down on the confusion and hassle of junk removal by calling the Orlando junk removal professionals at Junk Angel at 1-888-80ANGEL to haul away your lawn waste.

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