Getting Help With Brush Cleanup in Orlando

Long time residents of Florida know how troublesome the erratic weather can be. Torrents, winds, and temperature spikes all come and go as they please, leaving nothing but messes that need to be cleaned up. This is especially true for homeowners that live in neighborhoods populated by trees and bushes. Yards quickly become littered with fallen leaves and branches, creating a disastrous and unkempt look if the problem isn’t handled as soon as possible by a company providing yard waste removal in Orlando.


Now that the weather is transitioning to spring season, rain is coming more frequently and pollen pods are adding to the mess, painting cars and driveways a shade of yellow. However, there are ways to clean up messes and prevent those messes from occurring in your yard. Here are some helpful tips to help you take care of your yard before it can be ravaged by Florida’s chaotic weather:


    • Take care of loose branches in advance. The next time you mow your lawn or trim your hedges, take a minute to survey the branches on the trees in your yard. If any of them look frail or ready to fall, it would be in your best interest to cut them down before they fall and damage your home. To stay safe, seek a company that provides yard waste removal in Orlando to dispose of them properly.
    • Get rid of unwanted plants. If a tree is leaning precariously or is too close to your home, it’s important to have it removed as soon as possible. For larger trees, it is important to call in professionals to remove it for you. Trees aren’t the only issue. Also be wary of lighter bushes or shrubs that, with a hefty gust of wind, can be uprooted and blown into your windows or car.


  • Secure lawn ornaments and decor. That garden gnome is really cute, until it gets pushed over during a storm and shatters all over your sidewalk. If that same gnome is hidden under a pile of loose storm debris, its sharp remains could cause you or your family injury. Make sure that all inorganic decor is secured to prevent dangerous obstacles while you’re cleaning up later.



If a storm does hit and damage occurs, take care of the mess in increments. After a large storm your yard will probably look like a battlefield. Don’t wear yourself down by trying to get rid of the mess all at once. Take care of the mess a little at a time and you will save yourself energy and stave off stress when you do.


Once you have collected all of the litter in your yard sit back, relax, and call Junk Angel to take care of the rest. The professionals at Junk Angel will come and take care of all your yard waste removal in Orlando so you don’t have to add to the stress of cleaning your yard. Call us today to get a quote.

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