Getting Rid of Furniture During Spring Cleaning

We take the time to pick out furniture that will be comfortable to use and will help to tie together the aesthetic appearance of the room it’s in. It can be fun to pick out furniture that we will enjoy using for a long time. However, as time goes on, the furniture we loved begins to wear down, becomes discolored, and becomes damaged beyond reasonable repair. The furniture that once served as a visual attraction in our home has become a eyesore, and it’s time to replace it.

It’s the time of year for spring cleaning, making it the perfect time to get rid of and replace your old furniture. If you are unsure on where to begin with your Orlando furniture removal, take a look at these tips to get started:

Clean out the garage – often overlooked is the functionality of an organized and clean garage for acting as temporary furniture storage during a big clean. Cleaning out the garage will provide temporary space for transitioning furniture in addition to creating a clean area to store items when the cleaning is all done.

Assess its worth – furniture does not always have to be unusable for it to be replaced. If the furniture in question is salvageable, consider donating it to a charity or finding someone to buy it at a garage sale or through an online service like eBay or Craigslist. Goodwill and the Salvation Army are always looking for donations to help the less fortunate and sometimes will pick up the furniture for free.

Toss it – if you think that the furniture is in no way redeemable then take the proper steps to dispose it. Check with your local trash removal service to see if they will take your furniture off the curb. If they won’t, you will have to take it to the proper disposal facility or call professionals to remove it for you.

If you have unwanted furniture you want removed from your home, call the Orlando furniture removal professionals at Junk Angel to do the job. We can take the furniture to the nearest appropriate charity to be donated or simply take it to the nearest disposal facility.

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