Getting Rid of Broken Appliances

When you’ve just broken an appliance and it doesn’t seem worth repairing, your first instinct is probably to drop it in the trash can. However, before you act on that urge, you should find out if your area has specific rules about disposing of such items. In many cities and counties, junk appliances are considered different from other types of trash because they can cause serious harm to the environment.

Believe it or not, the appliance that you want to dump could contain hazardous material. If it is tossed in a landfill and exposed to rain, it might produce storm water runoff that could contaminate the water supply. Then, this one appliance would be part of a big problem.

The good news is that you can easily avoid these environmental issues by contacting a junk removal service. Junk Angel, an Orlando junk removal service, can pick up your appliances that are beyond repair and recycle them. Then, you will have peace of mind knowing that your junk will not be causing contamination in a landfill. Junk Angel can help you get rid of junk appliances the right way.

Don’t waste time with old or broken junk, call the professionals at Junk Angel. We provide Orlando junk removal services to commercial and residential clients with big and small jobs. We not only clear out clutter, but we also handle every step of the process, from pick up to disposal. Don’t allow clutter to continue taking up space in your house. Call Junk Angel today at 1-888-80ANGEL or 1-888-802-6435.

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