Give Yourself the Gift of a Clean Yard

During the winter months, yard maintenance often becomes less of a priority for homeowners. However, when you’re busy with holiday festivities and travel, yard clutter can easily sneak up you. So, do yourself a favor this season and give yourself the gift of a clean yard.


As the cold weather sets in, you’ll probably spend most of your free time inside and you’ll be less likely to notice how winter affects your lawn. This is the season when trees lose their leaves and their limbs begin to wither. If you look out the window and realize that dead plants are piling up outside, it might be time to get the clutter removed.


While you are thinking about your yard clutter, don’t forget about unwanted household items were put outside for municipal waste services. If you’ve set a number of appliances and furniture at the curb, you may have noticed that these trucks only collect a few things each week. In fact, it could be a month before they clear away everything and that means your mess will still be there when holiday guests arrive. Don’t risk embarrassment; call an Orlando junk removal company to get things hauled away.


Junk Angel’s junk removal professionals can clean up any unappealing yard. Our team will work hard to leave you with a beautiful yard that will impress your visiting family members. Once we are done, your home’s curb appeal will be greatly improved.


We offer a full range of junk removal services. Junk Angel can pick up your yard waste and debris, transport it and deliver it to a disposal facility. We don’t even require you to bundle your junk, our team will haul it away as is. Find out how Junk Angel’s Orlando junk removal services can benefit you this holiday season by visiting our website or call 1-888-80ANGEL.


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