A Guide to Holiday Decluttering

The Christmas season is rapidly approaching and homeowners are realizing how much clutter they have accumulated over the past year. Putting off your cleaning and decluttering is no longer an option as family and friends are on their way to celebrate the holidays together. Orlando junk removal companies, like Junk Angel, have helped many homeowners overcome their overwhelming amount of clutter with great success. But there are ways you can keep your clutter contained even through the busy seasons, as long as you don’t get held up by the little things and focus more on the bigger, easier items to toss.

Use What You Need

If you’ve realized over the last few years that your indoor or outdoor decorations have been a little much, then feel free to downsize what you use. This will drastically declutter and free up any storage space you need for the future. In addition, think back to recent years and try to remember which decorations went unused. Maybe they’re outdated or inoperable, making them easy to discard and quickly cut down on clutter.

Toss Inessentials

Holding onto holiday cards is a nice idea, as they remind you of the many friends and family you have in your life. Unfortunately, once they’re boxed up and packed away, they’re seldom looked at again rendering them pointless to keep.

Decrease Your Duplicates

Homeowners that have been celebrating the holidays for several years inevitably acquire many of the same types of decorations. There’s no need to have several wreaths, nativity scenes, or other decorations placed in multiple places in your home. Don’t worry about thinking you’ll need to hire an Orlando junk removal service for this, as these items can be passed on to friends or family that are willing to take them off your hands.

Update Your Wardrobe

Ugly Christmas sweaters and other jolly holiday attire is great to have, but eventually, it overstays its welcome and must be discarded. Whatever new holiday clothing you purchase that year should replace a piece of clothing from the past.

The holidays are a sentimental time for many people, making it difficult to discard anything that reminds you of the good times you’ve had. Any items that are near and dear to you should be kept and cherished, but items like old decorations or faded clothing can be tossed without really affecting your heartfelt memories. For any decluttering task you feel is too difficult to handle on your own, contact the Orlando junk removal pros, Junk Angel, at 1-888-80ANGEL.

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