Handle Foreclosure Cleanouts the Easy Way

Handling a foreclosure cleanout can be a difficult process for a realtor. Many of these homes are left with several items and leave-behinds. Anything from trash to furniture can be found throughout the house, leaving the bank or realtor with a huge mess to clean up. In order to prepare for an open house, realtors need set themselves up for success the best way possible. Unfortunately, this is hard to do when the home is left in such disarray. Junk Angel has the perfect solution that realtors and banks are looking for because they offer Orlando dumpster rentals throughout all of Central Florida. Having a dumpster rental on site provides great benefits and drastically improves efficiency.


Reduced Cleanup Time: When cleaning out a foreclosed house, realtors and banks run into the problem of needing to get rid of several bags of trash and in some cases large items. Once you’ve bagged everything up, the next step is to haul it all to the curb for standard trash pickup. With an Orlando dumpster rental, you can cut down on time by having one central location where all junk can be tossed. You won’t have to carry bags at a time all the way to the curb, and instead you can easily throw them all into one dumpster. Even if the dumpster fills before you’re finished, Junk Angel is ready to take it for you and have an empty one back to your location in no time. This is especially helpful with large items because items of this size can only be picked up by the county services on certain days; making planning that much more difficult. A dumpster rental eliminates this issue and grants you the ability to take care of it then and there.


Decreased Costs: Spending hours and hours clearing out a foreclosed home takes you away from your primary job. Preparing the home for open houses and focusing on potential clients should be where most of your time is spent. By cutting down on cleanup time, you’re also saving yourself money. Renting a dumpster is well worth the amount of time you’ll save because it allows you to get back to work on selling the house to a future buyer.
Using a dumpster rental makes the entire cleanout foreclosure process easier. Handling it without a dumpster will only keep you from your main work longer. If you’re dealing with or have had trouble with cleaning out a foreclosed home in the past, contact Junk Angel at 407-476-0208 for your Orlando dumpster rental today.

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