What Happens When Your Tenants Leave Their Junk

Seasoned landlords have probably encountered a situation where tenants have left behind piles of junk on your property. Messes can range in their severity with just a few scattered bits of junk lying around to looking like a hurricane blew through the inside of a fully furnished home.


Unfortunately, when this happens, no matter what the severity, it is the landlord’s responsibility to take care of the mess before they can rent the property to new tenants. If you are encountering this problem for the first time, it may be hard to know where to start with the mess.


To help make this situation easier, Junk Angel has prepared a list of things you should do to handle the situation with as little stress as possible:


Contact the last tenant – even if it looks like they are gone for good, contact the last tenants and give them one last opportunity to claim anything they may want to keep. It will save some stress if they come back later to complain.


Change the locks – after the items are handled by the tenants or after about 24 hours of contacting the old tenants, change the locks in the home. Even if they returned the keys, they could have made extra copies to come back into the home.


Document the junk – as you make the decision to remove the junk from the premises, document by taking pictures of the items. The items belong to you now, so it is your decision to decide what to keep or throw away.


Call professional junk removers – certain items like large appliances and furniture will not be picked up by local waste-management services. Call professional junk removal companies like Junk Angel to haul the junk away.


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