Health Benefits of an Organized Home

Cleaning and organizing your home makes life a lot easier. Knowing where everything is when you need it, having a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment to relax in, and being able to move around without shuffling through clutter are just some of the perks of a clean home. Most people don’t realize that taking time to maintain a clean home helps to maintain a healthy and productive home environment as well.

Dust is a persistent problem that builds up over time. As dust collects on our possessions, allergies become easier to agitate. As you move around the house, possibly cleaning a pile of junk that’s been laying around for a few months, you’re kicking up dust and other stationary allergens, causing discomfort and health issues for your family members. Dust can also hide dust mites and other unsavory guests that can make you and your family sick. Vacuuming, sweeping, and removing unwanted clutter that is collecting dust is an easy way to stop the buildup of dust and allergens in your home.

The kitchen is where we prepare our food, therefore, keeping it clean is especially important to avoid sickness. Preparing and eating meals can spread crumbs and other food particles in your kitchen which attract unwanted pests like cockroaches and rats. In addition, simply wiping it down with water isn’t enough to stop harmful bacteria from growing and spreading to other rooms in your home. Using antibacterial cleaners and wipes are the best way to eradicate harmful bacteria and viruses. Take time to disinfect your tables and appliances to reduce you and your family’s chances of getting sick.

Mold grows in damp, dark areas. Mold causes allergies, cold-flu like symptoms, and other serious health problems if left unchecked. Taking time to clean places like the shower, toilet, and sink areas, where water is commonly used. Consistent cleaning with display the signs of mold growth, which can alert you to possible mold problems before they cause serious harm.

Lastly, without stuff scattered on the ground or in odd places, you are less likely to trip or stub your toe. It may seem small, but many injuries, some as severe as broken bones, come from tripping over a household item. An organized home does not have that problem. When you need someone to haul junk in Orlando, call the professionals at Junk Angel. We will come to your place of residence and remove any unwanted junk from your home. If you live in the Orlando area call us today to receive a free quote.

What other health benefits have you identified from your clean home? Share this post and tell us of the other benefits of a clean house.

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