Holiday Parties Bring all the Fun, and all the Mess!

Everyone loves a good holiday party. In December and January, millions of people find reasons to get together and celebrate. Some gatherings are big, such as company-wide holiday parties, while others just involve a few friends ringing in the New Year together.  Regardless of the size, everyone enjoys the opportunity to connect with friends and loved ones.


In anticipation of the celebration, party hosts tend to spend a good deal of time and effort planning their event. According to Google Trends, the majority of people search for holiday party ideas between November and December – possibly a month or more in advance. Then, they spend weeks combing the stores for party essentials and preparing for their events.

However, once the party is over, most people don’t approach the cleanup process with the same amount of zeal. Americans throw away one million tons of trash per week and double the amount of discarded items during the holiday season, but there’s still a lot more junk that goes uncollected. Many exhausted party hosts are content to bag up all the party items and leave the trash alone until they have time to throw it out. This means that even after the holidays are over, holiday trash is still sitting in trash cans and dumpsters around the country.

If you’re hosting a party this winter, think about trash removal in Orlando ahead of time. Don’t become one of those people with piles of holiday party garbage in your driveway or in front of your office building for days after the event. Contact the junk removal professionals at Junk Angel and we’ll remove as little as one item, or as much as multiple truckloads.

Junk Angel takes care of everything from pickup to disposal. Our team provides trash removal in Orlando from any area in and around your home or business. Junk Angel will do the lifting and hauling so you don’t have to break a sweat this winter. Give us a call at 1-888-80ANGEL today.


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