How Does Clutter Affect You?

organizing-457785_640The clutter that surrounds you in your home and office takes a tremendous toll on you. It can create both physical and emotional stress, affecting not only you but your spouse, children, and friends. Orlando junk removal company, Junk Angel, shares the ways that clutter causes harm.

Clutter Hurts Your Health

The more stuff you have, the more dust and mites your home probably contains. Cue respiratory distress. In addition, clutter increases depression, fatigue, and the stress hormone, cortisol, in your body, which in turn affects your body’s overall strength and resilience over time.

Clutter Undermines Your Relationships

You may think it’s cute when your boyfriend lines his shoes up just so in his closet. It may seem adorable when your girlfriend carts home another ceramic angel to add to her enormous collection. Once you’re married for a few years, however, these idiosyncrasies will be fodder for fights. If you’re a clutter bug and your spouse is a neatnik (Think Oscar and Felix from The Odd Couple), there’s one more thing to argue about. And no couple needs one more thing to argue about.

Clutter Harms Your Children

The National Institute of Mental Health discovered that children who live in extremely cluttered homes experience more stress and less happiness than children whose homes are relatively neat and clean. These kids also find it harder to make friends, possibly because they’re embarrassed to invite guests to their homes.

Clutter Affects Your Job Performance

Princeton University neuroscientists conducted an experiment in which they gauged how people performed on a task in an organized environment and in a disorganized one. They proved that clutter draws your attention away from what you’re trying to focus on, which in turn decreases your job performance. A study by CareerBuilder revealed that almost 30% of employers are less likely to promote an employee whose desk is constantly messy, which can result in time wasted looking for and replacing missing items.

Need Help Clearing the Clutter?

When you’re ready to transform your home and life from clutter-full to clutter-free, Orlando junk removal company, Junk Angel, will drop off a dumpster at your house and pick it up when you’re done cleaning.

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