How to Dispose of Oil Safely

Every homeowner runs into the same dilemma of what they should do with any leftover or old oil they’ve used. Whether it’s from cooking or changing the oil in your car, all oils need to be disposed of properly. The worst thing that can be done with either is pouring them down the drain. Cooking oils cling to pipes and gum them up, whereas motor oils can pose hazardous problems to your health in addition to clogging drains. Junk Angel, an Orlando junk removal company, wants homeowners to know there are many ways to properly dispose of all oils that require little work to accomplish.

  • Recycle: Both cooking and motor oil can be recycled and used for alternative means. If used cooking oils are bottled up properly and brought to a recycling center, they can be turned into bio fuel for vehicles. Some cities even permit homeowners to leave their containers of cooking oil by their garbage barrels and are picked up for recycling. In regards to used motor oils, they can be repurposed into eco-friendly oils that are just as good as other motor oils, some of which last even longer than other standard motor oils.
  • Throw It Away: Used cooking oils can be thrown away in the trash, but there are some things to keep in mind before haphazardly tossing them into your garbage barrels. They should only be disposed in small amounts and kept tightly sealed in a durable container. This not only keeps oil from leaking into your trash but also helps waste facilities. Motor oil can be contained, but unlike cooking oil, it can’t be thrown away. Instead, it must be brought somewhere that knows how to dispose of it properly, like an auto parts store.
  • Use It Again: Unfortunately, motor oil can’t be reused unless it’s been properly recycled and refined. Cooking oil doesn’t require such a process, and all you need is a coffee filter and a container. Ensure the used cooking oil has cooled off, place the coffee filter over the container’s opening, and pour the oil onto the filter. This will catch any residue in the oil while allowing the remainder to safely fall into the container.

Improper oil disposal can cause problems for your home and to your health, and that’s why Junk Angel wants to educate homeowners on the correct ways to dispose of their oil. Proper Orlando junk removal is important to everyone’s safety, as improper oil disposal could affect many people if it enters public water systems. That’s why learning correct ways to recycle or dispose used oils can help everyone achieve a cleaner environment.

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