How to Get Rid of Kitchen Clutter

Broken glass under the fridge, expired food in the pantry, dirty dishes scattered throughout your kitchen…What’s hiding in your kitchen? Does your kitchen have pots, pans, plates and cups in disarray and storage containers stuffed in cupboards with no matching lid in sight? Is your pantry full of expired canned goods?

If this description sounds all too familiar, then you should know it’s time to cut out that clutter and turn things around. Grab a bucket of warm soapy water and some paper towels because in this blog, Junk Angel, masters of Orlando junk removal, is going to guide you through simple tips on how to rid your kitchen of clutter.

  • Roll-out Drawers: When it comes to keeping pots, pans, storage bins and cleaning supplies, roll-out drawers can be your savior. Cabinets are usually deep, making it sometimes harder to find the things you need. This storage solution helps you keep your counters free of excess materials and can allow easy access to your pots and pans, without the hassle of bending down looking for that strainer for 30 minutes.
  • Divide and Organize: We all know what a junk drawer is, and in some homes, there is more than one. To keep your drawers organized, get the most out of this space by using spatial dividers or clear plastic containers. You can then separate items according to how frequently you use them. For example, putting your scissors up front and items not frequently used, in the back. You can also chose to organize by shape, function, or color even.
  • Bottling it Up: We all enjoy a good guessing game, but not when it comes to what’s in your kitchen. Using clear jars, containers, or bottles as storage options is a great way to consolidate items, increase space, and know exactly what you are about to get into before opening them. Using this idea is great for storing cereal, flour, rice, pasta, sugar, or other spices. This also can be a decorative technique for those of you with an eye for design.
  • Become a Basket case: Baskets are a perfect solution to your missing lid conundrum, being that they don’t need them. They are great storage containers for things like bread, veggies, produce, napkins, and even dish towels. Baskets also add a nice rustic flare to your home decor, as long as they aren’t your old Easter baskets.

Everyone has clutter in their home, but your kitchen should be a place of comfort and nourishment, not a hazardous waste area. Keeping it organized is only half the battle because you want to make sure you regularly clean as you go so you don’t have to spend hours every other week cleaning up the mess. Junk Angel is an expert in Orlando junk removal and can easily help remove all those excess items you cleaned up from your kitchen, home, or office. We pride ourselves in being able to do the dirty work so you don’t have to. For more information, contact us or continue browsing through our blogs for more tips on how to clean and organized.

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