How to Make Your Next Move Green

Being green is about being conscious about the environment and leaving the smallest carbon footprint. Today, there are plenty of environmentally-friendly methods of doing most of our day to day activities that it can be more cost effective to go green than go without. Moving is one of those activities that is easy and cost effective to go green for, and Orlando junk removal professionals, Junk Angel, are here to tell you how you can go green for your next big move.

  • Hire a Green Moving Company: Trucks that run on diesel fuel emit toxins into the air that pollute it and make it less safe to breathe. Look for moving companies that use bio diesel fuel for their trucks to reduce the amount of pollution during your move. Battery-operated lift gates are also a plus because they do not require the truck to burn fuel to operate.
  • Use Recyclable Materials: Make sure your boxes are made of recyclable materials when you pack your belongings. Recyclable boxes will avoid being left to pile up in a landfill longer and can save you money by reusing them in the future. To cushion your items, use real popcorn that will decompose easily on its own instead of plastic, like bubble wrap.
  • Rent Green Storage Warehouses: For the items you need to store out of your home, find a green warehouse storage facility. They take up less space than individual garage rentals and you only need to pay for the space you use.
  • Donate Over Trashing: While you are moving, you will likely come across items you no longer use but are in good condition. Donate or sell these items to give them extra use before they finally find their way into the trash.

When you need trash hauled off after you finish packing, hire the Orlando junk removal professionals at Junk Angel to take care of the job. Junk Angel is experienced in properly disposing of old appliances and furniture.

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